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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Savage Menage (Operation Erotic #2) by Cynthia Sax


To stop an enemy's invasion, Starla travels with her hunky companion android to Lokan. Upon arrival, they're captured by the primitive planet's passion-starved males.

As a rare and coveted female, Starla is to be awarded as a prize in their fighting ring. One of the savage, hard-bodied warriors will stake his claim sexually while the rest of the tribe watches.

Bocc, the village outcast, takes one look at Starla and decides he'll be the winning male. To claim her, he must battle his former tribesmen, defeat her overly possessive android and save his world from an invading army. But if Bocc wishes to keep his mate forever, he must also accept his android rival.

My Review:

In the previous book of this series, we learned the Balzoids have a clear advantage over humans – they can invade their minds and cause irreparable, if not fatal, harm to them. To stop this, the Federation invented a blocking device, but it makes its recipients weak and sick for several hours to a week when they are implanted.

We learn the Balzoids have set their sights on another planet to conquer in the Federation system and Starla, a scientist and leading expert on this race, is dispatched to deliver several blockers to help the natives avoid Balzoid capture. 

Bocc, an outcast from his tribe, races against the clock, trying to get a weapon online to help his planet circumvent the Balzoid invasion. He knows time is running out and nothing seems to be working for him. To make matters even more stressful, he knows, Starla, his fated mate whom he calls his Little Star, will be arriving at his planet with an important shipment.

When Starla finally arrives at Bocc’s planet via a crash landing, the planet’s males find her first. Now, not only does Bocc have to get his weapon online in time for the invasion, but he’s got to save his mate from the rest of the tribe’s males. But what Bocc doesn’t realize is that his most formidable foe will be Chrome, his android copy that’s kept very close contact with Starla. Will Starla resist being in planet full of savages?

Savage Menage features:

  • oral
  • backdoor play
  • menage
  • m/m (android)/f
  • kidnapping



She stared at him. “You want me?”

“Too damn much,” he growled. “I can be gentle, Little Star. I promise.” Bocc dropped to his knees beside her. “I’ll figure out a way to control myself.” He took her hands, his grasp loose and warm. “And cherish you the way you should be cherished.”

He wishes to cherish me. Starla blinked slowly, struggling with the concept.

“You don’t believe me.” He released her hands, his handsome face darkening.

Starla crooked her index finger around his. “I don’t believe you because no man has ever wanted to cherish me before,” she confessed, swallowing her pride. “Most men ignore me. I’m considered plain.” Her cheeks heated.

“You’re plain?” Bocc’s dark eyebrows shot upward. “With your brown hair and even browner eyes?” His lips twitched. “You’re humoring me, Little Star.” His gaze dropped to the short curly hair covering her mons and Starla fought the urge to cover herself, allowing him to look at her. “I will control myself.” His mouth flattened.

He wants me…badly, and I no longer care why. “That’s too bad.” Starla flipped onto her stomach and drew her hips upward, waving her ass in the air. “Because I need to be fucked hard, like an animal.” She looked over her shoulder. Bocc’s eyes were dark in his stoic face. A tic pulsed in his cheek. “Maybe Chrome—”

“No Chrome!” Bocc roared. He grabbed her hips, positioning behind her, his tip nudging her wet pussy.

No Chrome needed. Starla widened her stance to accommodate his girth, her body humming with anticipation. “Give me everything you have, Bocc.”

He growled. “Everything I have is yours.” Bocc slammed into her, burying himself up to his base, the impact pushing the air from Starla’s lungs.

As she struggled to catch her breath, he pulled back and drove forward again, smacking his hips against her ass. He fucked her with a thrilling intensity, his hard thrusts swaying her body, his weight grinding her knees into the soft ground.

She panted, curling her fingers into the rich, dark earth, the smell of soil and sex and man filling her nostrils. Flesh slapped against flesh, and a sheen of sweat slicked their skin. Bocc’s grunts echoed in her ears. They rutted like primitive beasts with no tenderness in their joining, only an overwhelming desire to be as one.

This is want. Starla pushed back against him, trying to take more of his shaft deeper and harder inside her. This is need.

Rating: 3.5 Kisses


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