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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: Unleashed Ménage (Operation Erotic #3) by Cynthia Sax


Prison escapee Traz captures Falyn, the most foolishly trusting and overtly sexual female he has ever met.

The exotic future-bender isn't destined for him. She's to take his beloved sister's place, becoming a merciless assassin's sexual slave.

Traz restrains Falyn, binding her wrists to the merc ship's walls. When she convinces him to strip her and take his pleasure from her willing body, Traz indulges again and again, fervently trying to sate himself before they reach the rendezvous point.

Falyn escaped her luxurious prison with her companion android, only to be taken prisoner by Traz, the man she is destined to love. The scarred criminal gives her the pain she needs and the passion she desires, using her android to make all but one of her secret dreams come true-the dream of being loved forever.

My Review:

Falyn is a Future Bender – kept imprisoned by the Federation. She has seen her destined love in a vision and her android is a splitting image of him. Now if she could only escape her prison and find him . . .

Traz is an assassin for hire on a mission to save his sister from a Balzoid who captured her. Knowing how Balzoids treat females, Traz is desperate to free his sister as soon as possible. He locates his sister and negotiates a trade: a Future Bender in exchange for her.

Luckily, Traz knows just where to find a Future Bender and sets out to capture Falyn, unaware he is her mate. When he captures Falyn, Traz finds he can’t keep his hands off the rare beauty, but he tries to resist, knowing he has to give up the Future Bender if he ever wants to see his sister alive.

Can Traz find a way to rescue his sister and keep Falyn for his own, or will Falyn reveal something to him that will change everything?

Unleashed Ménage features:

  • ménage
  • backdoor play
  • oral
  • m/m(android)/f
  • spanking
  • kidnapping
  • BDSM
  • exhibitionism



Falyn stood where he’d left her, bent over, with her hands on the wall and her gorgeous, tempting ass sticking out, her gown so sheer he saw the shadow between her curves. She shifted her weight, her feet bare on the metal floor.

“She’s freezing.” Traz stood, a rare rush of guilt pushing him to action. “Prepare my chamber for prisoner containment.”

Move her and forget her, inmate. Traz clenched his fingers into fists, struggling to control his sexual excitement. Don’t get involved. She’s a means to an end, that’s it. Focus on your sister. Focus on your mission.

Falyn looked up as he entered the chamber, her exotic  eyes lighting with welcome…for him. No, not possible. Not for me.

“Have you come to remove the gown?” Her voice rose with hope.

He frowned. “You want me to strip you?” His cock bobbed its approval of that plan.

Her cheeks flushed bright red. “John told me the Federation sometimes weaves tracking devices into the fabric. He scanned this gown and didn’t find any but…” She nibbled on her plump bottom lip, drawing his gaze to her mouth.

“If I strip you, I’ll fuck you,” Traz warned, his words deliberately blunt.

Her gaze met his, her eyes wide and clear and so damn readable. She abused her lip some more as she deliberated and Traz ground his teeth, yearning to suck on that soft flesh. “I think you should remove my gown…just to be safe.”

“This won’t be safe, Falyn.” Traz extracted a knife from a hidden pocket. Light gleamed off the blade. “Or gentle.” He pushed her hair over her shoulder and drifted his fingertips up her arm, her skin as smooth as polished bone. She trembled under his touch, her body reassuringly responsive. “I’m going to fuck you until you scream.” He lifted the flimsy straps and carefully sliced through the fabric.

As Traz pocketed his knife, the gown slipped lower and lower, revealing her arched spine, the dimples above her ass and the valley between her curves. She wiggled and the garment dropped to the floor, falling in a puddle around long, lean legs perfect for wrapping around his waist.

“Beautiful.” Traz reached out and placed his hand on her back, needing to confirm she was real and she was his.

“Do you really think so?” Falyn looked over her shoulder, her expression sweetly anxious. “Because I’ve seen the women in my images and they all had more shape than I do. I thought.” She bit down on her lip. “I thought you might like them better.”

“I took you, didn’t I?” Traz said gruffly. Block your emotions, inmate. She’s a slave to be used, not a lover to be cosseted. “No more conversation.”

He smacked Falyn’s ass hard enough to mark her, deriving a perverse pride from leaving his handprint on her white skin. She cried out and her body jerked toward him, into her punishment. Traz vibrated with awareness, having seen that same reaction in the prison pain whores. “Spread your legs wider,” he instructed, seeking physical confirmation of his suspicions.

Her pink pussy lips, framed by short white curls, glistened with moisture. He ran his fingers along her sex and she pressed back into his hand, soaking his palm with her juices. “You like it rough, don’t you, slave?” He slapped her other ass cheek and she
moaned, the erotic sound tormenting his hard cock. “Answer me.”

“Yes, Traz.” Her voice shook, her obedience pleasing him.

“What else do you like?”

Rating: 4.5 Kisses


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