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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: Orchids for Lila by September Roberts


Lila Ray has spent the last three years focused on getting her college degree, ignoring men that aren’t worth her time. Everything changes when she meets Jack Hall. He’s tall, handsome, confident, and completely irresistible, turning Lila’s world upside-down as she loses control of her senses and gives herself to him.

Lila and Jack share intense sexual chemistry, and she soon discovers why he’s so irresistible—he’s a vampire. Lila is torn between her fear of what he is and her uncontrollable desire to be with him.

As the emotional and sexual bonds between them deepen, the secrets pile up, and Lila struggles to understand what it means to be in a relationship with a vampire.

Despite her list of never-ending questions, Jack cannot tell her anything … yet. Lila learns that love and lust can bud in a vampire sex club and blossom in a botanical garden, but will their love be enough to keep them together? And can she leave the human world she’s known and everyone in it for eternity?

My Review:

A great debut novel from a promising new author!  This is not your average vampire book. A smoothly paced, smartly written story, about a woman and a vampire falling in love.

What I liked about Orchids for Lila-
1-  It's a low angst journey about a woman and a vampire falling in love.  Very atypical for a vampire novel.  Refreshing.
2- The sensuality between Jack and Lila is amazing, the way it's described is prosaic without being pretentious.
3- Lila's relationship with her single Dad, Bob.  I adored Bob.
4- After reading so much in the way of "Dom books", I loved being able to see a man that could let his woman take the lead in bed from time to time.  Don't get me wrong, Jack can be very dominant, but sex between Lila and Jack seemed very natural.
5- Jack's a vampire, which makes things interesting, but there's no sub-plot of someone taking over his territory, (he has no territory) or that he might kill her by kissing her. ;)
6- Jack sends botany student, Lila, orchids as love gifts.  He compares colors in the flowers to parts of her body when they make love.  As in:

I thought of you when I saw this Paphiopedilum. You turn the same color pink when I pleasure you.” Jack’s voice became quieter and deeper.

Oh look!  My panties are in a puddle in the floor!  Smart is so sexy.

7- Jack's sexy, dirty talk.  He's brilliant, so there's something extra sexy about it.
8- Lila explaining grocery shopping, woman to man.  It tickled me.
9- The author straddles the line between Alpha and Beta male beautifully.  Jack is no one to mess with, but when he's with Lila, he exposed beautiful vulnerabilities that don't take away from his masculinity in the least.
10- The sexy billiard  lesson  Jack gives Lila when they first meet.
11- The dashes of humor are perfectly placed.
12- The visit to the sex club.  Hot!
13- It's a book that doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator.  It's written by a smart woman for smart women.

What I didn't like about Orchids of Lila-
1- A little more angst would have been good.  I loved them together, but a little conflict would've had me rooting for them.



If you want something low angst and sensual, give this book a shot.  The ending might surprise you.  ;)


Rating: 4 Kisses



*book was provided to Read Our Lips! for review by author*

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