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Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Amateur Night by Holden Granger



Unexpected car trouble leaves the doctor and the former party boy stranded during their cross-country trip, bringing them closer together——in every way possible.

Rachel and Scott were never friends in college; her scholarly pursuits never fit with his party-boy attitude. She was the serious student, spending whatever time she had studying to become a doctor. Scott was just the opposite: a sexy frat boy more interested in booze and girls than books.

When they share a road trip after graduation, the only question is how they will tolerate each other for two days in close quarters. Everything changes when Scott's car breaks down in a small town, leaving them with only one opportunity to raise the money they need. Now Rachel must come out of her scholarly shell and embrace the exhibitionist within—and maybe show Scott there's more to her than her brain.

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My Review:

This is a quick, fun read that won me over with the surprise ending! Rachel, a serious pre-med student, agrees to take a cross country trip with Scott, her fellow classmate who she’s lent her notes and briefly talked to. Though Rachel’s had a serious crush on Scott, she doesn’t think she’s he’s type until they take a road trip together and she finds out Scott has also been secretly crushing on her.

A long trip, lots of sexual frustration, and a broken car later these two can’t wait to find an excuse to get together! There are some very hot, sexy scenes as shy Rachel must enter a local Amateur Night Strip Contest and win $500 in order to fix their broken down car. But it’s what happens after the contest that makes this a great read!





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