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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quickie Review: The Bodyguard by Cherry Adair, Gena Showalter, and Lorie O’Clare


Temptation on Ice”
When paranormal operative Sebastian Tremayne heads to the Arctic Circle to keep an eye on red-hot physicist Michaela Giese, the polar ice cap isn’t the only thing in danger of melting. This beautiful brainy woman could spark a nuclear disaster he cannot stop—even with magic—and ignite a fiery passion he cannot resist…

“Temptation in Shadows”
Tall, lean, muscular—and definitely rough around the edges—Sean Walker is not your typical nightclub bodyguard. He’s a controller of shadows, able to wield darkness at will. But when a mysterious woman at the club turns out to have powers greater than his own, he has no choice but seduction…

“Hunting Temptation”
A manhunter by trade, Seth is on the trail of his most dangerous prey yet: a living, breathing, maneating werewolf. But the last thing he expects to catch in his trap is a beautiful, beguiling woman—with some wild animal urges of her own…

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Linda’s Quickie Review:

The Bodyguard is a collection of  three short stories featuring alpha males, hazards, and tough decisions.

In Cherry Adair´s, Temptation on Ice, special agent, Sebastian, is on a mission to interrogate his old flame, Michaela. She’s been missing for two years, and was thought to be dead, but in reality had gone rogue. His mission is to learn all her secrets and then terminate her.  Great paranormal read full of wizards and hot smexin’.

In Gena Showalter´s, Temptation in Shadows, Sean´s mission is to earn the trust of Gabby and get her to join their company. It gets harder than they thought when someone is out to kill her. Great paranormal read full of steamy temptation.

In Lorie O´Clare´s, Hunting Temptation, Seth the bounty hunter is tracking a murderer and gets help from an unexpected source. Great read full of Shifters and fluffy smut.

Pick up this great paranormal book filled with Alpha males, magic, and (of course) smut.





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