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Friday, March 2, 2012

Review: Saved From A Killer (The Snatcher Series #2) by Miranda Stowe

He took seven before her. Seven died. Jenna Daggert is the first survivor to escape the Miners Bend Woman Snatcher, yet she has no memory of her captivity. As everyone else urges her to remember, one faceless man is determined to keep her silent. Forever.

Deputy Joseph Morgan fell for Jenna before he ever met her. And now she’s alive and back in the flesh, and she wants him to be the one to heal her battered soul. But her idea of healing isn’t what he expects. While she leads him down a dark path into lust, he grows intimidated, not sure if he can draw her back into the light and return her to the woman she used to be…or if the Snatcher will strike first.

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My Review:

*gasps for breath* Jenna escaped! She actually survived the harrowing ordeal of being held captive by The Snatcher for 16 days! *record scratch* But wait – before you start cheering, thinking the police will finally arrest this wanted criminal, there’s a huge problem: Jenna doesn’t remember a thing. *sobs*

Everything begins when Deputy Joseph Morgan finds a naked Jenna running wildly through the fields. Jenna’s immediately given medical treatment, but she’s in shock and can’t remember who held her captive – she only sees a blank spot when she tries to remember her captor’s face.

The only thing Jenna responds to is Joseph’s voice as the handsome deputy makes her feel safe. For his part, Joseph has had Jenna’s face ingrained in his mind since she was reported missing. Through the course of the case, he’s had to study every little detail about Jenna, so he feels a strong connection to her and wants to protect her from the crazed killer who is still on the loose.

Jenna slowly starts coming around and refuses to live her life in fear. Thinking the only way to put her ordeal in the past is to ‘fight fire with fire’, she embarks on a non-conventional method to heal herself and enlists Joseph’s help. Way in over his head, Joseph agrees to everything Jenna asks of him, even though at times he feels he shouldn’t. But Joseph can’t help himself, and his body often overrules his mind. What follows between Joseph and Jenna is not for the faint of heart, but apparently is just what the doctor orders for Jenna (Wish I could get the same treatment whenever I get sick LOL) *fans self*

But as Jenna and Joseph sort things out, The Snatcher is in the background, trying to find a way to get Jenna back! We learn that he’s got access to her home, and NO ONE SUSPECTS HIM! *staggers around and faints* It’s only a matter of time before things come to a boiling point, and The Snatcher finally makes his move to get Jenna  back.

Caught red-handed, the police move in and apprehend local bad boy, Court Lawson. Here’s a glimpse to the character:


Though, okay, the man looked damn fine in a simple t-shirt and faded pair of blue jeans, he had a chip on his shoulder the size of Antarctica, and he was just as cold. She’d never seen anything but a fuck-off gleam spark from his eyes. A deliveryman that drove a truck, distributing soda to all the vending machines in Miners Bend and surrounding counties, Lawson epitomized standoffish. No one would ever consider him a warm and caring gentleman.

*jumps up and down* This is it, right? The Snatcher’s reign of terror is finally over and the town is safe, right? *feels a tingle of fear slide up my spine* I don’t know, Fellow Readers, something tells me this ordeal is NOWHERE near being over. Did the police really catch the right man? You’ll have to read Saved From A Killer to find out!


Saved From A Killer was such a rollercoaster of emotions for me, but a thoroughly enjoyable and page-turning read. Trust me when I say this book will leave you thinking about the people around you, wondering how much you really know about them.  It’s a quick read, about 90 PDF pages, and full of heartbreaking and suspenseful moments; you won’t be able to put it down!

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Joseph scowled a moment, but finally turned and hurried up the stairs, taking them two at a time. If his erection could’ve walked for him, it probably would’ve leapt them four at a time.

Once he reached the second floor, he paused a moment to regain his breath. She doesn’t want sex, he reminded his eager shaft as he bunched his hand and lightly knocked on her closed door, rapping twice as she had instructed.

“Come in,” he heard the call.

His penis only heard come and was more than ready to comply.

He eased open the door, already apologizing. “I’m sorry. My replacement was…”

The words died in his throat, and the door fell shut at his back as he jerked to a stop two feet inside Jenna Daggert’s bedroom. She sat on the bed, at the edge by the footboard, wearing a silk jade wrap that fell to her knees and was held together by one very delicate, very bruised hand.

When she quirked a brow, he swallowed and finished on a croak, “…late.”

Her smile was soft and seductive. “No problem. I’m just now ready for you anyway.”

He couldn’t stop looking at her. No woman wearing an air cast over her ankle and half of her calf, or with bruises dotting her skin from head to toe, or black rings around both eyes should look this beautiful. But the sleek sculpture of her form, revealed through the silk, accented a body that had him salivating. His rod pulsed inside his shorts, growing more pissed by its constraining binds by the second.

Here she probably only needed some piece of furniture rearranged and he was sprouting wood. Talk about humiliating. He hoped his bulky duty belt hid his pounding

Jerking his gaze away from her feminine features, he looked about her room. “Ready for what?” he asked, cringing when his voice rasped.

From the corner of his eye, he saw her rise but refused to look. No reason to torture his poor libido farther.

“I had nightmares about giving him a blow job,” she said, ruining his heartfelt attempt at not peeking.

His gaze flared to hers, sharp and alert. “You think he—”

“I don’t know,” she cut in. “And I don’t want to know. I just know I used to love giving head. I knew how to work my tongue, how to keep my teeth from scraping, all the while sucking with just enough pressure to make a man beg for more. I knew how to cradle his sac in my hand, barely squeezing, until his eyes would roll into the back of his head.”

Joseph’s eyes felt like they needed to roll into the back of his head just from thinking about it.

“And then I knew how to open my throat and take him deeper and swallow until I drained him dry. I’m a master at fellatio, and I refuse to be afraid of it. He will not take that away from me.”

“What…” He paused to lick his lips. “What does this have to do with me, Miss Daggert?”

But dear Lord, he had a feeling he knew, and he wasn’t sure if it thrilled him or scared the shit out of him.

Letting go of her robe, Jenna lifted her arms from the front of her chest to let the satin slip off her shoulders and pool down her arms until it drifted to the floor. Underneath, she stood naked, and she’d shaved her pussy back to bald since he’d last seen it.

“You’re going to let me go down on you and suck on your cock over and over until I love doing it again.”

Eyes shooting open wide, he darted his gaze up to her face to keep from looking at her splendid form. He refused to lower his eyes. The woman was out of her mind; she couldn’t know what she was saying. Anything sexual had to be the last thing she wanted right now.

He began to shake his head, but she nodded, overriding him.

“Yes,” she insisted, continuing to stand across the room from him, her shoulders straight and proud. “I need to do this. I need to gain some kind of control over myself again. I refuse to live the rest of my life in fear, and the faster I get back on the horse, the faster I’ll recuperate.”

Knowing he couldn’t argue with her, not even sure why he’d want to, Joseph tried to swallow, but there was no moisture left in his throat to get anything down. Dry as dust, his voice cracked. “Why me?”

“Because you want me.”

He tried swallowing again, hoping that would gulp down the desire that kept rising up his system. But God, Jenna Daggert stood naked in front of him. He wanted to lower his gaze and scope out the entire breathtaking picture all over again.

Resisting, barely, he kept his gaze level on hers. “That doesn’t answer why you want me.”

She quirked one eyebrow. “You don’t deny you want me?”

Hell, no. “Am I supposed to?”

Her lips quirked at his question as if she were amused by his confusion, but she didn’t fully smile that sweet smile of hers. “Tell me why you want me and I’ll tell you why I want you.”

“I’m a man,” he lied, hoping she thought his reason were purely physical. “I haven’t had sex in over a year. And you’re standing in front of me naked. And beautiful.” Not to mention he’d been obsessed with her for half a month now.

Her gorgeous lips tipped in amusement, that same smile she had in the pictures he’d first seen of her. “How do you know I’m beautiful? You haven’t looked yet.”

He kept his gaze locked hard on hers. Neither of them blinked. “You’re stunning,” he insisted.

“And that’s why I want you,” she said, drifting closer. “You see a woman, not poor Jenna Daggert that just survived hell. You won’t treat me like glass that will shatter at the slightest touch.”

[ . . . ]

“Okay,” he rasped. “Okay.” His eyelids grew heavy and flickered as desire roared through his system. He was going to put his dick into Jenna Daggert’s mouth. Jesus, what if he came before she even spread her lips? “What do you want me to do?”

“Just stand there. I’ll take care of the rest.”

* * * * *



*Book submitted to Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog for review by author.


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  1. Wow, thanks again for such an amazing review. Totally made my day! I'm looking forward to Monday's interview.

    1. So glad you liked it! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story with us and for stopping by! :)


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