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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Black Dagger Brotherhood News: New Cover Released!

Great news, Fellow Readers! J.R. Ward just released the new cover of her upcoming book on her Facebook page with this message:


Here it is! Blay and Qhuinn's cover! Hope you likey- and sending out BIG Happy Wedding Anniversary wishes to Amee Parsons and her thoughtful hubby! Love conquers all!


I definitely likey! What about you, Fellow Readers?



  1. Such a controversial book! I'm so happy she decided to write their story!

  2. I can't wait for this book! A lot of the groups are upset that Qhuinn AND Blay aren't on the cover! I'm just happy they're getting a book at all! MIT was going to be a novella! Team Qhuay!

  3. I'm so glad she listened to her fans, too! <3

  4. I was expecting Qhuinn to have more facial tattoes, especially his Ahtruk Nohstrum marker or however you spell it. I remember Wrath ordering him to get the marking, wasn't it on his face?

    1. Hiya, Chinyere! A lot of people are commenting on that. Wonder if J.R. Ward will make some changes? :)

  5. Hiya, Addicted! Love the cover and title, too! *hugs* :)

  6. Finally Quay´s story *happy sigh* i just want them to get a HEA.


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