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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review: Framed As A Killer by Miranda Stowe


You'll marry your one-true love someday and save him from not only himself but all the horrors chasing him."

Paige Bromin recieved that fortune from the town witch when she was young. At the time, she had no idea her one-true love would be that very witch's son. But when Court Lawson saves her from dying in a culvert when she's nine and carries her home afterward, she develops a crush on him that morphs over the years into outright obsession.

So when authorities take him into custody for becoming the only suspect in the Miners Bend Woman Snatcher killings, she decides it's time for his mama's old prophesy to come true. Determined to save a man she fully believes is innocent, she plummets into a dangerous mix of passion and intrigue that may lead to timeless love…or her eternal doom.

My Review:

In the last book, Saved From A Killer, Court Lawson (the town’s recluse resident) is taken into custody and accused of being The Snatcher – the notorious serial killer terrorizing Miner’s Bend – when he’s caught drugging Jenna Daggert. The whole town is ready to lynch him and make him pay for his crimes except for Paige Bromin (Jenna’s cousin) who swears he’s innocent.

When Paige was a child, Court rescued her, and adult Paige refuses to think the man of her (wet) dreams could ever be anything other than a hero. Instead of hearing the evidence against him, she quickly comes up with a reason why Court drugged her cousin, Jenna. You see, Court has a secret – a secret Paige is convinced she knows and discovered years ago.

She believes that Court, whose mother was labeled a witch, passed on her telepathic abilities to her son, and when Jenna escapes The Snatcher and can’t remember any details about him, Court takes it upon himself to see if he can extract those memories from her subconscious – without outing his secret to anyone.

Determined to prove she’s right, Paige sets out in a crusade to clear the man who’s won her heart and who she hopes will permanently replace her Battery Operated Boyfriend (Bob). It won’t be an easy thing to do, though, as she’s going to have to take on her family, the entire town, and The (real) Snatcher himself who is desperately trying to pin his crimes onto Court Lawson.

Framed As A Killer is a great read full of suspense, hottt racy scenes between Court and Paige, and fast paced action you won’t soon forget!

Paige Bromin needed more batteries. Her vibrator gave a lackluster buzz as it greeted her, sounding like it was going to give up the ghost any second.

“Come on, come on,” she muttered on a groan, pressing the huge blue head harder against  her  clit,  hoping  the  added  pressure  might  help  stimulate  the  rubber phallus  into stepping up its pace. “I just fed you two new double A’s last week. You can’t need more already.”

Bob’s muffled answer was anything but enthusiastic. Paige sighed, rolling the cool plastic  over  a  pair  of  moist  swollen  lips  before  she  slid  the blue  length  down  to  the opening of her cunt. “Jesus, if I wanted this kind of response in bed, I’d get a boyfriend.”

Insulted, Bob shuddered out its last breath and died.

With an irritated growl, Paige flung the dildo aside and plunged two fingers into her throbbing pussy. She stroked in and out but the thin, feminine digits didn’t fill her as she needed. Pulling free, she trapped the lips of her labia between her wet fingers and rubbed them in furious little circles over the spot. And still, she needed more.

Closing her eyes, she pictured the one man who always helped her get off.

The memory of Court Lawson’s wicked, cold smirk made her nipples twitch and her thighs  tingle.  As  she  worked  one  hand  between  her  legs,  she  lifted  the  other  to  latch  a tight  grip onto the tip of one breast. In her mind’s eye, Court’s blue eyes grew heavy lidded as he watched her pleasure herself.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “Yes.” The organs in her stomach grew heavy and her body built pressure, climbing to its peak.

Just  as  Court  licked  his  lips,  she  finally  came,  creaming  her  fingers  and  crying  out his name.

“Oh, God,” she mumbled, stretching her body like a contented cat. Nothing stirred her like imagining his face. Too bad Bob’s plastic, blue mug couldn’t compete. She turned her head on her pillow to direct an irritated scowl at her dead dildo. “I’m sorry, Bob. But I don’t think it’s going to work between us. A woman has needs. And honestly, I can’t afford all the batteries you demand.” Louse that it was, Bob didn’t even bother to reply.

With a depressed sigh, she closed her eyes. Freaking vibrator was as bad as the rest of her past lovers. Gone without a backward glance or explanation.


Well,  at  least  she  still  had  her  daydreams.  As  long  as  she  could  close  her  eyes  and picture  the boy who’d been her hero all those years ago, grown up and sexy now, she could keep her hormones satisfied.

Thinking she might curl up and fall back to sleep at eight in the morning, she rolled onto her side and nestled her face deeper into her pillow. She didn’t have to work today, so she decided lounging in bed and daydreaming about Court sounded heavenly. If only someday her daydreams would become a reality.

She could picture him now, fixating his attention between her legs. She’d sink her fingers into the  golden  crown  of his hair as he nestled himself at the apex of her thighs. On a sigh and closed eyes, she’d arch  her  head  back  before  giving  a  lusty  moan.  As  the  moisture  from  his  velvet  tongue caressed her, she’d push her breasts up, purring when two warms  hands  cupped  her, pinching her nipples.

“Yes,” she moaned, her body perking back to attention all over again. “Touch me. Please…”

Instead  of  a  deep,  velvet  voice  answering,  the  artist  presently  known  as  Prince—or maybe he was still formerly, hell, she’d  lost  track—wailed  from  her  nightstand  about  a little red car.

“Skyla,” she groaned. Paige had designated only one person with that ringtone and it fit  her  cousin,  slash,  best  friend  perfectly.  Swiping  up  the  receiver,  she  answered  on  a whine, “It’s really not a good time—”

“They caught the Snatcher,” Skyla burst out. “He just tried to kill Jenna. Again.”

Paige jerked upright. “What? Who was it? How—”

“Court Lawson,” Skyla said, her voice breathless. “Can you fucking believe that?

Court fucking Lawson is the Snatcher.”

Paige shook her head in instant denial. “No,” she whispered.

* * * * *



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    1. It's a great read! I loved the addition of the telepathic skills - especially in the bedroom! *winks* :)

  2. Thanks again for taking the time to read one of my stories! The review is lovely!

    1. So glad you liked it, and thanks for sharing your wonderful stories with us!


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