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Monday, March 5, 2012

Interview and Giveaway with Miranda Stowe!


ROL Interview

Hello, Fellow Readers! Please join me in welcoming Miranda Stowe – author of The Half Breed Shifter Series, The Snatcher Series, and several other stand-alone books to Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog.









Welcome, Miranda. I’m thrilled to have you here!


It’s great to be here. Thank you so much for letting me stop by and talk on your blog.

The pleasure is ours! Let’s get started; shall we? I have so many questions :) Firstly, I was on your
website (which is a beautiful website, by the way! Love the lips!) and your Author’s Bio said that aside from being married and raising a family, you are also employed as a librarian. Is that right?

FireShot Screen Capture #028 - 'Miranda Stowe' - mirandastowe_blogspot_com__zx=53eaf1287f2a510d.jpg
Oh, thank you for stopping by.  I adore visitors!  But yep, I work in the acquisitions department of a university library.  It's only too bad I don't actually get to choose which books we get to acquire, otherwise the college students around here might get quite a bit of a different kind of "educational" material to read!!  

LOL, surely student enrollment would skyrocket. I know I will never look at another librarian the same again! By the way, was being around all those books what inspired you to take the writing plunge?

I think it was the other way around.  My love for reading and writing was what made me want to be around more and more books.

I love it! And speaking of “books”, let’s talk about your series. I just started reading The Snatcher Series, and I absolutely fell in love with it! How did the storyline come about?

I live in an area where they used to be an open-pit mine (aka strip mining). My family always told me I needed to write about our area and what I knew.  Well, the only idea I could come up with about our strip pits would be swimming in them (boring) or hiding dead bodies in them (not so boring), so the dead body thing sort-of progressed into a serial killer, who morphed into the Snatcher (side note: my husband always snickers when I say snatcher!!). And, yes, I have swum in a strip pit around here. I don't advise wearing your best clothes into one, it'll stain them a funky color.  You could, however, always skinny dip (wink, wink) without any worries. 

LOL That’s definitely something to consider. But now that you mention ‘worries’ - is your character, The Snatcher, based on a real-life serial killer? Hopefully a captured one, because he scared the bejeebers out of me and has got me double checking all my locks before I go to bed.


Yikes, sorry about that. Don't worry, he's not real. I haven't heard of any serial killer who started a murder pattern like the one in my stories, but he IS caught basically the same way the BTK killer was caught in Wichita, Kansas. More details are coming in book 4 of the series! Hopefully, that didn't give away too many  spoilers.


Oh, thank goodness. You heard it here first, Fellow Readers! *cheers* By the way, is it easy or hard to get into his head and write out his scenes?


Actually, it wasn't really that hard to pop into his head, which totally freaks me out. The man is psycho and down-right disturbed.The things he does and thinks...eww. How in God's name he came out of my head, I do not know.  I just hope that now that I've written him and extracted him, he stays out!

Let’s hope so. I have reviewed Book 1, Taken By A Killer, and Book 2, Saved From A Killer, from The Snatcher Series. Can you tell us a little bit about the rest of the books in the series (besides the spoiler above)?


Sure. I originally wanted to make this a six book series, one story for each of the six Daggert/Bromin cousins. However, the last book in the series wouldn't have been all that exciting. It would've taken place after the Snatcher was dead and all the survivors were merely trying to piece their lives back together.  No suspense or hair-raising horror at all.  So it was almost a relief when my heroine from book 4 (Interview with a Killer, releasing April 2nd) got all greedy and wanted two of the cousins instead of just one, making her story at M/F/M. At that point, the number of books in the series narrowed down to five.

 I have an idea for book 5, featuring the last available cousin left. It would be a M/M/F erotic romantic suspense, but I haven't written it (okay, I might've jotted down the first chapter). As is, the series could technically end after book 4. But if readers want Skyla's story and a gruesome, justifying death for the Snatcher, then I can certainly supply one.  It all depends on what people want.

Now Book 3, which comes out TODAY (March 5th - available on Liquid Silver Books and will be available on Amazon soon), surprise! is my favorite of the series. Framed As A Killer, features a hero that I'm totally crazy about. Court isn't perfect by any means. He's rude, he's moody, his temper can flare at the drop of a hat, he makes some really bad decisions...but I just couldn't stop writing him. He's totally addictive and I empathize with Paige, the heroine, for obsessing over him too!

Okay, okay, I'm getting too much drool on my keyboard (Oh, Court, I miss writing about you! Kisses, baby).  Next question please.


LOL. Now for everyone just getting into this series – Court is the character accused of being The Snatcher at the end of book 2, Saved From A Killer. Can’t wait to read what happens to him in book 3, Framed As A Killer. Remember to go get your copy, today, Fellow Readers. We’ll be doing a review for it soon. And OMG! I’m loving all the upcoming smexy goodness planned in the series! *feels faint* By the way, Miranda, do you have other upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

I'm almost finished with book 3 of my half-breed shifter series, "Mates Since Birth". But I got a little side-tracked for a while, finishing a story under my other pen name, Linda Kage, who writes not-so-erotic contemporary romance. I really need to get back to my Miranda stories, though, and pamper them; they've been neglected these past few months.

I need to check those out! But before I do, let me ask you. What is one thing your fans would be surprised to learn about you?
 My family has no idea I write stories as Miranda Stowe!
 Wow! You’re good at keeping secrets :) Let’s see – was there ever a question you wish an interviewer would ask you? Mine would be - "You were seen out on the town with Alexander Skarsgard. Are you two dating?" LOL
Oh, man, I love YOUR answer!  If I can't steal that one then...”Hey, Miranda. It's Steven here.  You know, Steven Allan Spielberg? I love your books; can I make a movie out of them?”

Yes, that definitely beats mine! LOL Thank you so much for letting me interview you, but before you go, I have to ask you the obligatory Read Our Lips! Question: "If you could put your lips on any character, in any book, one you've written or not, who would it be?"

This answer might be a bit obvious, but oh Court darling, you're all mine! Gimme those lips, handsome.

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Hope y’all had as much fun reading that interview as I had ;) I have some exciting news! In honor of her third book in The Snatcher Series releasing today, Framed As A Killer, Miranda Stowe is giving away all THREE e-books in the series to one very lucky fellow reader (International entries allowed):

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