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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Foreplay by Jill Myles (A Succubus Diaries Prequel)


Before there were the Succubus Diaries, there was FOREPLAY...

How did Jackie Brighton get turned into a succubus? She can’t remember – all she knows is that she woke up in a Dumpster. This short story tells the tale of that night, and sheds a little light on her masters’ motivations.

B and N Lips

My Review: 

This is a very short story, but it really packs a punch and leaves you hungry for more! A short prequel to the novel Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, it lets you in on how Jackie was transformed into a succubus by a vampire bite. But that’s just the beginning; throw in a fallen angel, a wild one night stand, and a mystery that’s just beginning, and you’ll see why I’m intrigued with this short story.

Download it here for free! Foreplay by Jill Myles

I can’t wait to sink my teeth into Gentlemen Prefer Succubi and see what happens next!





  1. Love the Succubus Diaries series! Zane and Noah are yummy ;)

  2. Oh yes! I was immediately drawn in to both of them! *swoons* I loved the author's writing style and I can't wait to start reading this series :)


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