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Monday, December 12, 2011

Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog–What Reading Erotica Taught Me


What Reading Erotica
Taught Me

1. There is nothing wrong with a little hair pulling.

2. Never underestimate the power of an Alpha Male.  They can save the world, rescue your kitten, all while making your panties soaked.

3. Shifters are sexy.

4. In reading BDSM, it's the sub that has all the power.

5.  Menage...it's not just for "a trois" anymore.

6.  There is a smell that can only be described as "man".

7.   Anal play can be hot!

8.  You'll never read,  "she took his small, mostly limp dick in her mouth." Not. Gonna. Happen.

9.  Real men love cunnilingus.

10.  Sex is better with love.

11. If men want sex tips on "101 Ways To Please a Woman" they should read Erotica not Maxim.  Check out some of my all-time faves here or anything by Cherise Sinclair!  

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