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Thursday, October 19, 2017

3 Kiss Spoiler Review: The Devil’s Wife (The Devil’s Kiss #3) by Gemma James


No one claims marriage is easy. That is especially true for Kayla Sutton, because she’s married to a sadist who takes the meaning of the word “dominance” to new heights. But Kayla should have known. She fell for his wicked ways after he blackmailed her, stayed after he kidnapped her, went back to him after he almost destroyed them both with his unpredictable fury.
Then she married him.

A year has passed since Kayla agreed to love, honor, and obey. Day after day, she survives his volatile nature. On her knees at his feet, underneath him between the sheets, bent over the bed to receive the fiery lash of his belt. But she’s beginning to miss the one thing she promised Gage Channing when she married him: her freedom.

My Spoiler Review:

It’s been a year since we last left Kayla and the then ending of The Devil’s Kiss Trilogy. In that ending, it wasn’t clear who Kayla had chosen from her twisted love triangle and that was perfectly fine with me. You see, Gemma James (GJ) left it up to the reader’s imagination and that was perfect. Everyone walked away happy! And that’s exactly how it should have stayed.

But not everything is a happy ending and in this continuation, we see that Kayla actually chose Gage – even worse she marries him. I say worse because though initially I was #teamCage, I’m a woman and so entitled to change my mind. After reading this continuation I can safely say I’m #teamKayla.

Sure, I’m on a losing team because Kayla never seems to want to grow a backbone, but I gotta keep hope alive, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good BDSM erotica read just like the next girl, but dear God, a girl needs a break! Gage is relentless with the punishments over the stupidest of things. I just can’t believe Kayla stays, though I reckon it’s her guilt that Cage helped her and her daughter when her daughter was sick.

Now that her daughter is healthy and she’s “played” along for awhile with Cage it’s time to bounce, Kayla!


I just couldn't put this book down, hoping Kayla came to her senses and Gage let up a bit, but no such luck. I cringed throughout this whole read. I rated this 3 kisses on the weight of the series as a whole, which was down from a perfect 5 kisses. As an individual read, I rate this book with 1 kiss.

I really wanted to walk away from this series, but there’s one final book GJ wrote called The Devil’s Spawn. Will Kayla grow a backbone? Will Gage finally relent? I mean how is he not in jail after all the “punishments” he puts Kayla through? Her body must be permanently black and blue. Ugh. Please let it be that Kayla is finally over all this drama – like I am!


The Devil’s Wife features:

  • erotica
  • BDSM
  • spanking
  • oral
  • backdoor play
  • torture
  • kidnapping
  • abuse

Rating: 3 Kisses



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