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Monday, March 2, 2015

4 Kiss ARC Review & Giveaway–Too Rough For Love (Steel Veins MC #1) by Adair Rymer


Attendant at her family's gas station and chased by dead-end boys, Star ached for an escape from her tedious routine. She was desperately looking for something she couldn't quite place.
Then the deadly Steel Veins bikers rolled in, and she got more than she bargained for.
Her past now a smoldering wreckage, Star's only salvation from the vicious gang lies in the ruggedly handsome, hard-case Remy Daniels. Despite all the horror and carnage, he keeps pulling her out of the flames. She needs to know why. Even if it means wagering with her life.

A killer and a thief, Remy is torn between his duty to the club--the only life he's ever known--or the deceivingly fierce Star. She's unlike anyone he's ever met, and whether it's just lust or... something more, Remy is a man who takes what he wants.
But to keep Star, he'll have to battle more than just crooked cops or rival gangs.
Adrenalin and violence has always numbed the pain, but not this time. Not with her. Can either of them survive his love, or will Star be just another speed bump on Remy's road to hell?
Book 1 in the Steel Veins MC Romance series, contains violence and dirty, dirty sex and an alpha male hero who doesn't back down.
Approx: 115 pages, ends in a cliffhanger.

My Review:

Star finds herself in trouble when a biker gang comes to her uncle´s gas station. In the midst of all chaos, she finds one thing to hold on to – an unexpected hero, Remy. Even if he is confusing and dangerous, at least he´s trying to help.

Remy is deep in the MC life, patched in and ready to do whatever it takes for the club. But when Star comes along, he finds himself doing more than he should. Could things between them ever become something more?


Too Rough For Love is a great action-packed read and the first part in a series. It features a gritty biker life and fluffy smut all in a great combo, along with some fight scenes that aren’t for the faint of heart.

Too Rough For Love features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • suspense
  • motorcycle club
  • alpha male
  • law enforcement
  • cliffhanger ending

Rating: 4 Kisses

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Adair Rymer is giving away an ebook copy of Too Rough For Love.


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*book was provided to ROL! in exchange for an honest review*


  1. I love MC books and am always looking for new/new to me authors and series to read.

  2. I just started reading MC books and enjoy the genre. I would love to read this book/series to find out if and how things work out between the two main characters.

  3. Tysm! I'm thrilled to win this!!

  4. And the winner is...
    Congratulations! Huge THANK YOUs to everyone who entered. Thank you for supporting our blog. :)

    1. Tysm! I am so thrilled to win this !! :-)


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