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Friday, November 14, 2014

Review & Giveaway–The Binding of Adara by Selene Grace Silver


Cursed to bear 12 sets of twins in 12 years by 12 different men? That is twenty-year-old innocent Adara Lane’s terrible fate until a reluctant warlock steps in, altering one significant part of the spell, thus creating a new destiny for both of them. Like the heroic knight from her childhood fairy tales, he rescues her at the moment the spell is manifested. While she’s grateful for his help, being bound to an overbearing, controlling, potentially violent man who may never love her, who despises what she is? Well...forgive Adara if she believes she would be better off had he just minded his own business and left the rescuing to someone else. But, this troubled knight-in-tarnished armor seems to need Adara as much as she needs him.

Bowie Marston knows he’s damaged goods. Home from a tour of duty in Vietnam, suffering shell shock, the young man discovers his family destroyed because he wasn’t in L.A. to protect them. After witnessing the senseless deaths of his comrades overseas, the death of his parents only deepens his disenchantment with the world. Blaming his parents’ murder-suicide on their involvement in magick, Bo vows to never use his own latent powers. It’s too late to rescue his family. On the other hand, it’s not too late to rescue a beautiful, young woman caught up in a web of danger. Knowing what he does about witchcraft, can he involve himself in a spell that spans a lifetime, a spell that ties him evermore to a powerful witch...and all her bless’ed offspring? Can he resist?

My Review:

Adara left her hometown for LA to find any clue of her non-existent father. Low on funds, and close to broke, since she was mugged, she´s rescued by her cousin, brought to his house and now he´s wanting her to join in the Samhain festivities.
What she never saw coming, was that she´s the sacrifice for the evening.

Bo didn´t want to come to this celebration, but his sister didn´t take no for an answer. Now he´s coerced into being a major part of the sacrifice - he´s to become the Goddess’ Consort, and impregnate her with her first of twelve sets of twins - by different fathers.

Not wanting Adara to become a chattel to her lousy cousin, Bo alters the prediction and takes on the roll of her mate for all their children to come.

The ordeal is taxing enough for both, but little do they know that this is just the beginning.

The Binding of Adara is an action-packed paranormal romance filled with witches and warlocks, a hint of mystery, and delicious smutty fluff all mixed in a great combo.

The Binding of Adara features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • magic
  • mystery

Rating: 5 Kisses



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*book was provided to ROL! in exchange for an honest review*

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