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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free Reads From Ellora’s Cave!


Elloras Cave

Hello, Fellow Readers! We’re still running around after our kids, but we thought we’d share some free reads from Ellora’s Cave while you wait for us to come back. Don’t wait – download these today! We don’t know how long they’ll stay for free!

Ghost Unit - Full Ride By Gail Faulkner
Prin nervously crossed her legs and signed the contract. Was she crazy? Yes! Crazy, desperate, and all things people are when they agree to do something insane. She held a contract outlining one night of submission to a stranger! Submission so complete, his requirements for preparation before presentation of herself to him made her blush while her womb tightened in anticipation.
She would do anything to escape the dreams. Would this work? God, she hoped so. Wrenching dreams that came almost every night. The man in them never varied, his control of her body and its responses drove her to the edge of sanity. She'd wake up screaming for release, finding nothing but wet sheets and an empty house.
Tall, dark and dominate, he'd long since accepted being alone for this lifetime. He'd met his lady, lover and submissive, but only in the dreams. Dream Walking is a door to the past or future, but never the present.
She entered the suite and the unimaginable reality of his woman alive in this time exploded across his brain. She assumed the required stance. Now, spread naked before him stood everything he'd never dared hope for.

When Marisa Lacoste goes to the Cascades she never expects to end up running for her life. Betrayed. Terrified. Her pursuers close behind, she scrambles along a canyon wall until she's sent hurtling downward. Left to die, she regains consciousness to find herself in a cave with a warrior whose every touch and glance signals that she belongs to him. Ukiah cares for her. Makes love to her. Conquers her with pleasure. But when a decision on her part puts Marisa back in danger, he's forced to act, to test her courage and the strength of their new relationship by showing himself for what he is-a creation of magic and belief whose spirit takes flight in the storm.

It's the most popular club in the Memphis nightlife. Part legal bordello, part feeding ground for the city's vampires, Nocturnal Urges offers pleasure and pain in one sweet kiss. It's the ultimate addiction - both drug and sex at once. For the vampires, it's the only way to survive in a world where the creatures of the night are a dark underclass, ignored until the humans need another fix.

Into this world comes Isabel Nelson, seeking only a night's pleasure. But after Isabel's lover Duane takes her to try the bite, she cannot stop thinking about Ryan, the dark vampire with whom she shared her lifeblood. Soon Isabel finds herself in the dark heat of a world where passion and love are miles apart, where life and un-life have little meaning - and someone is hunting in the shadows.


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