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Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Chef’s Delight by Anne Conley


Connor is trying to open a restaurant in Serendipity, Texas, where Jessie is trying to keep alive a struggling goat cheese business. When his cheese suppler flakes out on him, he needs a new cheese maker, but she is a little trigger happy since her ex-boyfriend has started stalking her. Add to the mix a ghost that has a crush on Connor, and you have a steamy romance that will send chills to your toes.
Warning: Mature Content. Suitable for 18 and over.

My Review:

Jessica (Jessie) Stillwell hasn't had much luck with men in her life. Her ex, Chad, has beaten her up, all in the name of love. She runs Stillwell Dairy Farm which has goats, orchards, and a greenhouse with vegetables that she hopes to sell in the local town of Serendipity, Texas.

Jessie's usual mode of operation with guys is meet them, have sex, and leave, but she's wondering if this style is really working for her.

Connor Wright moved from Houston, Texas to Serendipity for a fresh start away from his psycho ex-wife, Brandy, so  she could leave him alone to have a life of his own. Connor and Brandy share a child named Maddie, but Connor isn't allowed to see her because of Brandy's machination.

Connor has put all of his money into getting his restaurant, Estelle's, off the ground, but he's having nothing but problems at the moment. Connor's brother Luke is a contractor and helping him out where he can.

One of Connor's suppliers flakes out on him and he needs a new supplier fast. When Kathy suggests he try Stillwell Dairy Farm, needless to say things don't go as Connor planned when meeting Jessie for the first time. The spark between them is undeniable.

Jessie is mortified about her behavior towards Connor and gives him some of her products to Connor as an apology. The other problem Connor is having is strange things are happening, like music that's not there and a silver mirror showing up where it's not wanted. Will Connor forgive Jessie? Will Connor admit his attraction to Jessie? Will Chad realize he's not wanted? Will Jessie get the business she's hoping for? Your answers await you in Chef's Delight.


Chef's Delight was a true joy to read for a new-to-me author. I loved all of the characters for their flaws, quirks, and special something; it was definitely a page turner. I loved the story and how it was crafted. I especially loved the unique twists provided by the author. I will definitely be looking forward to my next story by this author. Until next time, happy reading!

Chef’s Delight features:

  • ghosts
  • erotic themes
  • oral sex
  • angst
  • abuse


Rating: 5 Kisses



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