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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet The Dirty Romantic

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Interludes of a Dirty Romantic

I'm an English male writer of darkly erotic stories. I like to mix elements of the romantic and dirty, the straight and the deviant, the dark and the beautiful, vanilla and flavoured, suggestive, subtle, raw and passionate - there may be bondage themes and I always feature aspects of dominance.

I enjoy the erotic, sensual nature of the written word, those thoughts and images that create the slow burn, the tease building tension. But there is still a need for the harsh, rough animal side, for teeth, claws, passion, and violent need.
By day I work in the city (London) where I manage a senior role full of stress and pressure. I'm good at what I do and I love the buzz that goes with it. However, it is in the gaps in between and late at night where I come alive and indulge in my real passion. I enter my virtual world where I come to write and express all those dominant thoughts, memories, needs, and wants that prowl in the darker corners of my mind.

I love to mix my words with images and create an accent for those that come to read. I hope you enjoy reading the words as much as I enjoy the process of writing them. I hope they create the desire and lust, the need and the passion in you, the reader, that goes into creating them. I live every story in my head as I write them. I feel every goose bump, hear every gasp, and taste every flavour as I type the words. I truly hope you do, too. 


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  1. Nice to meet you! =) Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Happy Thursday!


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