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Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Million Dollar Mistress by MDM


THE DEAL: One year of sex in exchange for one million dollars. I catered to his sexual demands when he wanted it, where he wanted it, and how he wanted it. Without hesitation, without reserve.There was nothing I would not do to satisfy his desires.

THE SEX: Not all his sexual cravings could be satisfied by me alone.Therefore, I enlisted a cast of extras: men and women who fulfilled his hunger for the unusual. Sexual scenarios were designed for him that would satisfy even the most lascivious Roman emperor. Every desire, every lust filled fantasy was consummated.

THE EMPLOYER: He's an international business tycoon. A man who is so successful, he is often quoted or featured in news stories. In public, he appears as conventional as his custom made Savile Row suit. Nothing betrays the secret side of his sexual cravings.

THE PERKS: The more inventive and daring the sex, the more I received in bonuses. Not just cash, but diamonds, furs and other baubles.

THE RESULT: Every sexual encounter brought me one step closer to financial freedom. My ocean front home, my cars, my luxurious lifestyle, all exist because of that one year. Would I do it again? Definitely. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

My Review:

Wow. This was really something. It was very well written, descriptively so. Told memoir style, this is the story of an upper class whore. Plucked from her life as a Master's degree prepared art appraiser, to be auctioned off to the highest bidder after being tried out by several prospective buyers. She is bought by a 60 year old man, whom she calls her Merchant Ivory extra. She feels he could have walked out of Masterpiece theatre.

He orchestrates a couple experiences including watching her have sex with a woman for the first time. A woman whom she ends up having a simultaneous affair with. Another experience includes swapping her with another whore for the night from the club.

Her bonuses from those experiences leads her to engineer kinkier and kinkier schemes. Including: her being a Domme, giving him golden showers, arranging for various combinations of multiple men/women to join them, a she-male (who has large breasts and an equally large cock, much to Merchant Ivory's delight).

All of these arrangements are so that she gets better and better financial incentives. These include: diamond earrings, a trip to Tiffany's to pick from three gorgeous diamond necklaces, a trip to London with a stud of her own, a fur coat, a Black American Express Card for the day and more.

This book had sex in every paragraph. I think kinky bi-sexual men would go ape shit for this book. It was very intriguing. The ending was quite abrupt. An epilogue was desperately needed. I also felt sorry for her and disliked her at the same time. Her greed was astronomical. To get through most experiences she either smoked joints, did Valium or drank Champagne. Or a combination of those.

But it must be said that the book was intelligently written and worldly. If I had to guess a time period, I'd say it happened in 1983. Excess being all the rage and no one, not ever, used a condom. *collective gasp*. I know! She was tested before being sold, but then she brought lots o' strangers into "bed" with them. I'm talking double digits here. What good is a million dollars if you die from AIDS. I mean seriously! So that's why I say 1983. I'm going to ignore the fact that she had a cell phone, which is easy to do because she also had a pager. Yup. Instead of texting, messages were sent via pager, even though they had mobile phones. Hmmm. But hey! She bought a house in Cape Ann with the money. Wherever the f*ck that is!

So kinky bi-sexual men! This is the book for you!



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