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Friday, April 17, 2015

4.5 Kiss Review: Three Years (Gypsy Brothers #5) by Lili St. Germain


**Please note this book is a dark romance and deals with serious themes.*
Every day for six years, I used to pray that I would find my way back to the boy I loved.
Until finally, one day, I did.
But that’s the funny thing about life. Nothing good ever lasts, not for me, anyway. You think you’re the one with the power, at least I did, but then I got careless. One tiny mistake, and now I am powerless to stop what comes next.

People think money equals power, but all the money in my bank account, the dirty notes laundered clean that my father left for me, are useless.
Money does not equal power. Power is held by the one with the knife in his hand, tracing shallow cuts into your skin.
Power is held by the one who owns you.
I had power once.
Now, I have nothing.

My Review:

Good Lord! Three Years runs the gamut of every possible emotion. So much happens in such a short time, that it's hard to keep up.

But it more than makes up for the last book, Four Sons which I totally recommend skipping unless you like to read characters who analyze everything they've done thus far and contemplate what they should do next. Zzzzz!

But back to Three Years. Dornan's revenge against Juliette killing off his sons was pure evil genius. But he's so crazed if he thinks anyone can survive repeated heroin dosages and be "just fine," much less endure what his sick mind has in store for Juliette! *faints*

Jase's revelation was something else – something that came out of nowhere. But what surprised me more was how he never really did anything to help. What was he waiting for? Surely, after all this time he'd witnessed and gathered more than enough to do something, right? Ugh – have I told you how much I dislike Beta males? *smh*


Plus, so glad Elliot's still in the game. I cheered when I read he was still hanging in there. I can't wait to read the rest of the series and finally see how things end up.

Just an FYI: Three Years was a hard read for me. I kept getting jarred out of the story in places when the present verb tense got to me. As you know, I don't read books in the present tense; they are super annoying.  But since these are short reads, I figured I could hold off on a headache if I read fast enough. Knocked off half a star for this.

Three Years features:

  • erotica
  • non-consensual
  • BDSM
  • torture
  • narcotics use 
  • motorcycle club
  • law enforcement
  • suspense
  • angst
  • intrigue
  • pregnancy
  • cliffhanger ending
  • quick read

Rating 4.5 Kisses


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