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Monday, February 16, 2015

4 Kiss Review–Claws & Effect (Midnight Liaison #3.6) by Jessica Sims


Lily Faust’s world became a nightmare the day she was kidnapped by a vampire. Six months later, she’s been freed…by were-cougars. For Lily, this is the epitome of ‘frying pan to fire’ and for the Russell clan, it’s trouble in a terrified human package.
Ellis Russell wants nothing more than to soothe Lily’s fears and become her friend. But when tension – and passion – flares between them, Ellis has to decide: can he love a human if loving her means letting her go?

Or can he ever let her go?

My Review:

We first met Lily in Must Love Fangs. She was a imprisoned by a heartless vampire who almost got that book’s heroine, too. But not only did the heroine get saved, Lily was also freed from her harrowing ordeal.

In Claws & Effects, Lily is being cared for by Russel’s Were-Cougar clan. Even though she’s a human, she knows too much of their world to be set free.

A debate ensues on what they should do with her, and while things are settled, Ellis a Were-Cougar, is assigned to her care. He’s patient and kind to a fault, precisely what Lily needs.

Lily’s nerves are shot. She’s been imprisoned for so long, it’s hard for her to assimilate back to normalcy. Just when she was wrapping her head around vampires roaming the earth, now she’s got to deal with shifters, too.

It takes a while for her to not be so jumpy, but Ellis’ kind ways work wonders on her. It’s not until she realizes he’s totally hot that she knows she’s in trouble. Should she try to escape or should she stay in Ellis’ soothing embrace? And what of the Were-Cougar council? Will they decide to let her live, or will they put an end to her life?


Claws & Effects is an endearing read sure to melt your heart. Plus, the sexxy scenes will scorch your Kindle. I love the Midnight Liaison Series. Jessica Sims delivers another definite recommended read!

Claws & Effects features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • vampires
  • shifters
  • angst
  • abuse
  • alpha male
  • suspense

Rating: 4 Kisses



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