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Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: Dark Skye (Immortals After Dark #14) by Kresley Cole


In this highly anticipated fifteenth novel in the Immortals After Dark series, #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole spins a sultry tale of a mighty warrior scarred inside and out and the beguiling sorceress with the power to heal him—or vanquish him forever.
As a boy, Thronos, prince of Skye Hall, loved Lanthe, a mischievous Sorceri girl who made him question everything about his Vrekener clan. But when the two got caught in the middle of their families’ war, tragedy struck, leaving Thronos and Lanthe bitter enemies. Though centuries have passed, nothing can cool his seething need for the beautiful enchantress who scarred his body—and left an even deeper impression on his soul.

Lanthe, a once-formidable sorceress struggling to reclaim her gifts, searches for love and acceptance with all the wrong immortal suitors. But she’s never forgotten Thronos, the magnificent silver-eyed boy who protected her until she was ripped from the shelter of his arms. One harrowing night changed everything between them. Now he’s a notorious warlord with a blood vendetta against Lanthe, hunting her relentlessly.
With their families locked in conflict and battles raging all around them, will Thronos and Lanthe succumb to the brutal chaos that threatens everything they cherish? Or will the fragile bond they formed so long ago spark a passion strong enough to withstand even the darkest doubts?

My Review:

Dark Skye, Kresley Cole’s (KC) fourteenth installment of her Immortals After Dark Series does not disappoint. I had been looking forward to reading about Lanthe and Thronos’ story, and I got exactly what I bargained for and then some in Dark Skye.

As children, Lanthe (a sorceress) and Thronos (Vrekner) meet and it’s not long before Thronos realizes that Lanthe is his mate. So begins his love and care for the young, crafty sorceress who has a deep love of gold, never knowing that his kind hunt down sorcerers and rid them of their magic.

One night, Thronos’ father comes upon Lanthe’s family and murders her parents. Lanthe and her sister, Sabine, narrowly escape by taking the life of Thronos’ father. To escape, Lanthe uses her powers of persuasion and she tells Thronos to jump from a cliff and not use his wings. Thronos survives, but his wounds never truly heal, leaving him a broken shell. Such events are the start of the two sisters being hunted down through the ages by Thronos and his brother.

For centuries, Thronos hunts down Lanthe, only to have her slip through his fingers and he is heartbroken seeing how she is with other males, since he can’t find satisfaction in anyone but his mate.

With Nix’s help, he allows himself to be captured and is taken to the island where all the Lore creatures are being held by humans. When all the creatures are set free in the previous book, Thronos hunts down and finally captures Lanthe whose powers are subdued. Will Thronos and Lanthe ever put the past aside and give into the deep attraction they feel for each other? Or is too late for them?


At first, I was a bit put off by poor Thronos and how much he suffered at Lanthe and Sabine’s hands. I wasn’t too sold on Lanthe as being his mate, but as the book progresses, KC does a great job of making us buy into their romance, even though poor Thronos has a LOT to overcome and forgive.

I also couldn’t help but notice that Dark Skye was a bit reminiscent of Demon from the Dark which features the story of Carrow and Malkom. Both books have our heroes being sent to a super scary and dangerous demon dimension where they rely on each other to make it through. In the process, they discover they are meant for each other.

But there were some slight differences. One aspect I really enjoyed about this book was that Vrekners come from a very strict and rigid society, and it was funny reading how Thronos continuously justifies breaking the rules when his lust takes over. Hilarious! 

And of course seeing Nix is always a treat. We get more information on the Accession – which never freakin’ happened…jeez! Plus, we FINALLY come across one of Valkyries who is imprisoned at the bottom of the sea.

KC once again whets our appetite and leaves us hungry for the next installment of this series. Who will the next book feature? Can’t wait to find out! Smile 

Dark Sky features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • angels
  • demons
  • magic
  • Valkyries
  • humor
  • intrigue
  • angst
  • dragons
  • cheating

Rating: 4 Kisses



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