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Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: Hard Mated (Shifters Unbound #3.5) by Jennifer Ashley


A short novel of the Shifters Unbound series. Spike, a wildcat Shifter and the champion fighter of Shiftertown, is stunned when Myka, the best friend of a dying human woman, announces that Spike has fathered a cub. What's more, the mother is giving the boy to Spike to protect and raise.
Myka, who'd been raised by an abusive stepfather, is not sure that a wild fighter named Spike is the best man to bring up the cute little jaguar cub. She goes to Shiftertown to check out Spike, and finds that the man behind the name is a lonely Shifter who's lost most of his family and is a fierce caretaker to those he has left.
Spike is torn between the cub and his duties as tracker to the Shiftertown leader, and begs Myka, the only person who understands, to help him. He starts to like the sassy Myka, a horse trainer who's not afraid of working with animals, even if they're wildcats who turn into humans.
When Spike's job puts his cub and Myka in danger, Spike is forced to choose between those to whom he's pledged his loyalty and his need to protect the woman and cub he's come to love. photo Goodreadslips.jpg

My Review:

Hard Mated by Jennifer Ashley (JA) is a great action-packed paranormal read featuring a great combo of shifters and smutty fluff. It’s a great in-between novella in JA’s Shifter Unbound Series and I loved getting back in the fray of things.

Spike is a tracker who everybody mistakes for the big brute with no brains. His life is turned upside down when he suddenly learns he´s a father to Jordan, a four year old cub, and everything changes.

With his new addition to the family, Myka comes along as the old friend of Jordan’s mother, and Spike can´t help but fall for her.

Can’t wait to read the next book in this great series.

Hard Mated features:

  • erotic themes
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • suspense
  • alpha male
  • shifter 

Rating: 4 Kisses photo 4-Kiss-Rating.gif


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  1. I really need to read at least one of her books.. Awesome review!

    1. Thank you! =) and it´s a great series, I highly recommend it!
      Happy Wednesday!


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