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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: Running Scared (Sentinel Wars #3) by Shannon Butcher


View our feature on Shannon K. Butcher's "Running Scared." The thrilling third novel in Shannon K. Butcher's new urban fantasy series...
Lexi Johns has one purpose: to free her best friend from the hands of the Sentinels. And the Sentinel she has been running from for months, Zach, has one goal: to convince her that their destinies are entwined. For the magic that Zach has absorbed could destroy him if he doesn't find the woman to channel it for him. And he knows Lexi is the one...

My Review:

Lexi Johns has been running from the Sentinels all of her life and doesn't plan on changing that any time soon. Lexi knows that Zach will stop at nothing to get her back into his life. Lexi plans with the help of The Defenders of Humanity to trick Zach into coming after Lexi with a faked attack by Synestryn.

Zach is so grateful that Lexi is safe and sound, he forgets how to breathe for a moment. Zach wants to tie Lexi to him forever, but first he must gain her trust completely. He will not let half-truths or lies stand in his way of getting thru to Lexi.

Lexi's belief that Sentinels keep Synestryn as pets blows Zach away. She also believes that Zach's skin is poison that helps to brainwash her.

Meanwhile, Madoc is doing everything he can to keep killing sgath to free Nika's mind from their control. Madoc wants very much for Nika to be his woman and gets extremely jealous of other men touching her.

Nika doesn't want any other man but Madoc because he makes her feel safe and doesn't hurt her like the others do. Nika is slowly getting free of sgath control because Madoc and the other Theronai.

When Zach is hurt during an attack by Synestryn, Lexi discovers that she doesn't want Zach to die, yet feels powerless to stop it. Zach needs bare skin to help continue to heal, yet Lexi is afraid that it's another trick. Zach seems to be better for this contact. When Lexi and Zach finally reach Dabyr, Lexi is stunned to learn that humans live with the Sentinels.

Mabel and Helen both tell Lexi that she's wrong about the Sentinels and wonders if they're right. Can Lexi really be wrong about the Sentinels? Will she go thru with the plan? Will Zach gain Lexi's trust? What about Madoc and Nika? Will Lexi finally see the truth? Your answers await you in Running Scared.

Running Scared features:

  • erotic themes
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance


Rating: 5 Kisses


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