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Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Wicked Burn by Beth Kery



He wanted all of her—and did she ever let him have it…

Vic Savian knows what he wants when he sees it. And what he wants is his sexy neighbor, Niall Chandler. When he finds her in the hallway of their building being harassed by an aggressive suitor, Vic steps in—and finds himself greatly rewarded…

Sleeping with her gorgeous neighbor—when she didn’t even know his last name—was the craziest thing Niall’s ever done. Now, she can’t seem to get enough of Vic—or the uninhibited passion he stirs in her. Suddenly, with his help, she’s opening to sensual pleasures she’s never known before. But when Niall’s past comes back to haunt her, will she and Vic let themselves venture beyond the bedroom and explore the possibility of the love that’s in their hearts?

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My Review

Wicked Burn is the second title I’ve read from Beth Kery, but I can promise you, it won’t be the last. It’s the story of two people with very painful pasts that come together by chance and explode with the kind of passion that could only be proclaimed by destiny.

The story begins with Vic Savian, hugely successful playwright and part-time farmer, who is in Chicago for three nights a week to see to the opening of his new play. While in his apartment late one night, he hears his elusive but beautiful neighbor, Niall Chandler, being accosted by her date, despite her repeated rebuffs. Luckily for Niall, Vic steps in.. Also lucky for her, he does it without a shirt.

From the moment Vic and Niall share a page, the sexual tension blazes. Vic has wanted Niall from the first moment he laid eyes her. She’s not his usual type. Being six-foot-three with a body honed by manual labor, he likes his women tall and lush. But for whatever reason, the petite blonde from across the hall brings his libido ragingly to life.

Niall Chandler is a curator at the Metropolitan Art Institute and lives in the Riverview Towers, across the hall from Vic. Niall hasn’t been with a man in years, but watching Vic move about his apartment with no shirt on, makes her very aware of how her body responds to his. It doesn’t take very long for all of that sexual tension to erupt into full fledged carnality. The sex scenes between Vic and Niall are so steamy and lascivious I thought at times that I might go up in flames!

But Wicked Burn isn’t just about the sex. (Though I couldn’t imagine the book without it). The relationship between Vic and Niall is so raw in everyway, the sex between them is just where the common ground begins. When people ask why I prefer sexually explicit romance, I usually explain that sex is a language all-its-own. It tells me as much, if not more about the relationship between the characters, as the dialogue. There is no better example of said language, than in Wicked Burn.

But that’s not all that can be said about this book. The plot is fully developed. The characters are layered and complex. The story takes twists and turns you don’t expect. If I had to use just a few words to describe Beth Kery’s writing, I would choose ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’. That is to say – the author’s words are very profound, so smooth and beautifully textured, and yet pack such an emotional wallop, at times it takes you by surprise. I found myself going back a few sentences more than once to savor the prose so eloquently put to page.

Both characters have heartbreak and tragedy in their pasts that they, for whatever reason, seem unwilling to share. Even though I loathe couples who have obstacles of their own making because of lack of communication, in this case-I get it.

Imagine for a long period of time, you only existed, not lived, but just went through the motions of everyday life. Then, when you least expected it, something or someone crash landed into your life and reawakened in you, the parts you had long ago relegated to the deep-freeze. Would you be so willing to risk rejection by telling them the truth? It would be so easy to talk yourself into keeping the past in the past for just one more day. To be able to experience all of the sensual, wanton pleasure only that person can make you feel. Maybe it’s not even fear of rejection, but the ability to live without the black cloud of the past hanging over you and your momentary happiness.

Vic and Niall have obstacles to overcome, but it’s very enjoyable to watch unfold. There are so many great things about this book, I can’t list them all. Just know you’ll enjoy all this book has to offer. Definite recommended Read.


ROL-LikeWhat I loved about Wicked Burn:

  • The scene with the pearls. Whew! Who knew pearls could be so hot! I love a man who can get creative in bed, or against a door. Wherever.
  • Vic is a Dom, not in the traditional, wears leathers and has a St. Andrew’s Cross in his bedroom capacity, but a Dom none-the less.
  • The toys.
  • There is panty ripping. Anybody else a sucker for panty ripping?
  • Niall puts trust in Vic, even though she has every right not to.
  • Niall is so sweetly submissive, she tests the limits of Vic’s control. That kind of exchange is always fun to read.
  • Phrasing like, “The sounds of her moans and whimpers spiced the boiling brew of his arousal.” Love, love, loved it!
  • Vic and Niall have several, I-can’t-wait-another-minute-to-have-you scenes. I inhale those!
  • Couldn’t put it down. Stayed up way past my bedtime to finish it. Another sign of a great book.
  • The scene in the unfinished condo. Hot!

    What I didn’t like about Wicked Burn:

  • I would have like the ending fleshed out a little more, once all of the truths come out or an epilogue, perhaps. Even without that, it’s a stellar book.

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    She saw something else in that quick flash of his eyes as he smiled at her, though. He looked forward to tonight—to them making love after almost a week’s abstinence. And Niall was more than ready for it, too, especially given the near to bursting feeling she had in her chest cavity every time she glanced at Vic or touched him after watching his amazing play.

    Vic abruptly grasped her hand. “We’ll just be a second,” he muttered to Ellen and Meg before he dragged Niall back into his office and slammed the door behind him.

    “Vic, what—”

    But he cut her off as he swept down and began to devour her with his mouth. He bent over her, drinking from her thirstily before he grunted impatiently. Niall felt him strengthen his hold on her and her feet rose off the ground. Her hands gripped desperately at his shoulders, instinctively recognizing she might be swept into uncharted, tumultuous territories by the magnitude of their combined desire.

    By the time Vic slid her body erotically down the length of his lean body and set her boots back down on the ground, both of them were out of breath. Niall thought she would overheat at her core when he spread his hand over her breast and massaged and shaped it to his palm.

    “You’re spending the night at my place tonight,” he stated firmly.

    Niall moaned softly in pleasure at his touch and nodded.

    “Don’t plan on getting any actual sleep, though.”

    Niall laughed throatily and pressed her belly against his iron-hard erection. “Sleep wasn’t on my agenda, I promise you.”

    He stared down at her for a few seconds, his features rigid. “I guess we should go get this over with,” he said regretfully.

    “You should try to enjoy yourself. You deserve to celebrate. You’ve done a phenomenal job.”

    He sighed and parted from her with a look of regret. “Niall?” he said as she turned toward the door.


    “Did you really like it?” he asked, a grin tilting his lips, as though he found it amusing that he wanted her reassurance.

    “I thought it was incredible,” she said feelingly.

    “It wasn’t exactly pretty.”

    “Pretty?” Niall repeated slowly. “No . . . I don’t suppose it was. But it was very human. And there were parts of it that were”—she paused, searching for the right words—“astonishingly beautiful,” she finished softly.

    His brushed his thumb tenderly across her cheek before he kissed her once more.

    Ellen and Meg didn’t bat an eyelash when Niall and Vic returned to the corridor looking flushed, mussed, and entirely pleased with themselves. Ellen just patted her son’s cheek fondly as they said their temporary farewells.

    “Got no reason to be grouchy tonight, do you, boy? You got yourself a winner there,” she stated baldly. She’d glanced over at Niall, who was encircled in Vic’s arm, and winked mischievously. “The play wasn’t half bad, either.”

    Vic looked down at Niall. “My mom always does pick the winners,” he said in a low rumble. Then he kissed her unashamedly as Meg and Ellen looked on with identical smirks on their faces.




    *I had already purchased this book before the author contacted us to do a review.


    1. Awesome review! Wicked Burn is my favorite erotic romance. ;)

      Thanks for sharing.

    2. Thank you for sharing, Lea! It was a very erotic book. I consumed it! I may never look at pearls the same way again! I just started reading Addicted to You by Bethany Kane, Beth Kery's alter ego. That lady has a way with words! Have you read it?

      Stay tuned for the giveaway, because Ms Kery is going to give the choice of ebook or paperback of Wicked Burn, it looks like. A real copy from the author would be pretty cool if it's your favorite!

    3. Great job, Michele! Loved it - can't wait to read this book! :)

    4. Hi Michele,

      Thank you so much for reading WB and the lovely, thoughtful review. I'm thrilled that you liked it.

    5. My pleasure Ms. Kery! Thank you for writing such a raw, emotional, great book and for stopping by to leave a little note. I look forward to reading more of your work. PS- I didn't like it, I LOVED it! :)


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