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Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Camouflaged (Hiding From Love #0.5) by Selena Laurence


Gabe Thompson enlisted to help out his buddy, but three years later he's 100% US military bad boy, serving in the desert of Afghanistan where the days are hot, but the nights are hotter.
Alexis Garcia is out to save the world. The University of Texas freshman has come to Afghanistan to do aid work with the United Nations. She's all about the peace, and she has no use for the camp's biggest, baddest, gun toting player.
But, sometimes camouflage is more than a color, and people aren't what they seem. When conflict develops not only between Gabe and Alexis, but also all around them, they're forced to look deeper, and what they find will rock their worlds and change their hearts forever.
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 My Review:

Sergeant Gabe Thompson enlisted in the Army to help his best friend, Nick Carlisle. On his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Gabe counts the days, weeks, hours, or seconds until his tour is up.

Gabe is known as player and charmer when it comes to women. But Gabe is lonely as he doesn't have Nick to back his plays any more since Nick returned to the States.

Things perk up when UN Human Rights inspectors enter the camp two days later. Gabe is assigned to Alexis Garcia as her escort. Gabe is warned by his CO not to screw up or around his charge and tells him that Alexis is off limits.

But Alexis is off limits in more ways than one. She's got a boyfriend and isn’t interested in Gabe whatsoever. Right? Then why does her heart skip a beat when he's near?

Before Alexis has time to ponder this, they are ambushed while doing routine work for UN. Will Gabe and Alexis survive? Will Alexis admit her attraction? Will Gabe change his playing ways? Your answers await you in Camouflaged.


Camouflaged is a perfect name for this novella. Gabe is a bad boy player you’ll love to hate with good looks to match. Alexis is the good girl who steers clear of bad boys and players alike which is what makes Gabe so irresistible to her. Alexis always does whatever she's told – no questions asked, but learns that maybe there is more to life than just agreeing all the time. I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more of this author's work.

Camouflaged features:

  • erotic themes
  • oral sex
  • sexual tension
  • alpha male
  • military

Rating: 4 Kisses photo 4-Kiss-Rating.gif


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