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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Bound by Vengeance (Sentinel Wars #5.5) by Shannon Butcher



An original novella in the Sentinel Wars series by Shannon K. Butcher
The guilt that Defender Dakota Kacey feels about her brother’s death is all-consuming, making her determined to find and kill the demon who murdered him. But the leader of the Defenders is worried about what Dakota is capable of, and calls in Liam Lann to keep an eye on her.
Dakota knows what kind of power a Theronai like Liam possesses, and agrees to bind herself to him if he’ll help her exact vengeance. But a bond to a Theronai is not a decision to make lightly, and as the search for the killer intensifies, Dakota will have to learn to trust Liam completely, or risk losing everything.

Includes a teaser chapter from the newest Sentinel Wars novel, Dying Wish.

My Review:

Dakota Kacey and her brother Darren were attacked by the Synestryn six months ago. Dakota is racked with guilt and goes hunting every night to kill her brother's attacker. Dakota's family are members in a group called the Defenders.

Defenders along with the Theronai are fighting a war against the Synestryn unbeknown to the human race. Jake, leader of the Defenders, asks Liam Lann to talk with Dakota. Liam agrees and finds that Dakota is leaving. She gives Liam five minutes to talk and as Liam starts talking with her, the unexpected happened.

Liam's luceria reacts to Dakota for which Liam is stunned. An ending to all of Liam's pain is standing before him. Dakota wears Liam's luceria with the promise that he'll help her get revenge in two days time. While Liam vows forever to her. Will they find Darren's killer? Can Liam fight his attraction to Dakota? Can Dakota learn to forgive herself? Will Liam and Dakota be together? Your answers await you in Bound By Vengeance.

Rating: 5 Kisses


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