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Monday, January 28, 2013

Series Introduction: Operation Erotic Series by Cynthia Sax

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Welcome Fellow Readers to Cynthia Sax’s Operation Erotic Series! I stumbled across this science fiction erotica series from a friend recommendation and I just couldn’t put it down. I’ll be reviewing the books in the coming days, so I thought I’d give you all a little intro on what this series is all about.

At the center of conflict in this series is the battle between the Federation (humans) and the Balzoids (an alien race dead set on domination), but this isn’t a clear good vs. evil. The Federation doesn’t act like good guys – it’s mostly which is the lesser evil.

To keep the humans in line, the Federation has Future Benders who are (so far) females with powers that foretell who you will fall in love with for life. However, they don’t guarantee the love you feel will be returned.

For those who are important to the Federation’s cause: scientists, warriors, you name it – the Future Benders give them a picture of who their love will be and they extort keep them apart until they serve the Federation. In return for their service to the Federation, the Federation provides their “love” with an android copy of them (anatomically correct) so their “love” can grow accustomed to them and readily recognize them when they meet (can you say android ménage?).

So, the Federation isn’t all bunnies and fuzziness, but the Balzoids (aliens) are worse.  Balzoids don't have mates, they have breeders into who they “release.” Often captured females of the planet they are trying to conquer, one breeder services several Balzoids until she dies or gets pregnant and she is quickly replaced. Balzoids experience no sexual pleasure and only thrust three times into their breeder and release on the third try. Females often kill themselves instead of being captured for these purposes.

That’s it! All this info was gleaned from reading the entire series, as you get glimpses here and there of what’s happening in the background in between all the hotttt sexxy scenes and ménages! *head spins* Winking smile 

Check back with us tomorrow when we review the first book in the series, Mission Ménage by Cynthia Sax.



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