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Friday, March 6, 2015

3 Kiss Review: Poisoned Web (The Deizan Empire #2) by Crista McHugh


Book 2 of the Deizian Empire
The fate of the empire hangs on one slave breaking her silence…
As the Deizian Empire prepares for the upcoming wedding of Emperor Titus Sergius Flavus and Azruha, one mystery remains unsolved—the sudden and unexplained death of the former emperor. And as her wedding gift to Titus, Azurha wants to give him answers. She suspects an unknown poison was involved, and her search for the truth enlists two unlikely allies.

Modius Varro’s thirst for knowledge caused an uproar in Emona three years ago and exiled him to the border town of Madrena. But when Titus falls victim to the same poison, his expertise in medicine becomes essential in solving both the riddle of the former emperor’s death and finding a cure to save the current one. His search leads him to far reaches of the Alpirion realm, to an ancient culture shrouded in secrets, and into the arms of one slave who must break her silence to save the empire.

My Review:

As the kingdom prepares for the upcoming wedding between the former assassin, Azhura, and Emperor Titus, Azhura devotes her time to solving a mystery.

Titus’ father was poisoned and as a wedding gift, Azhura wants to discover the culprit behind the murder. She enlists the help of Modius, a man who was exiled from the kingdom when his rare methods of studying human anatomy were frowned upon by men who didn’t understand science.

His extraordinary knowledge of medicine prompts Azhura to believe he’s the only man who can figure out who or what truly killed Titus’ father.

To help him in his quest to find some answers, Azhura lends Modius her servant, Izana. Izana instantly falls for Modius’ quiet and calm demeanor, and she won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Modius is easily distracted from his task by the tempting Izana, but when Emperor Titus falls ill to the same disease that killed his father, Modius knows he must act quickly and solve the mystery he was hired to uncover.

Will Modius find the cure in time, or will Titus suffer the same fate as his father?


There's nothing I enjoy reading less than a Beta male, and it’s unfortunate that Poisoned Web's main plotline revolves around this theme. It truly made for an uncomfortable read how Izana literally pushes herself on Modius, and there's a sense of awkwardness between them (and everyone around them) after the deed is done that just truly never goes away.

But though I didn't enjoy the main couple in this book, I was happy to read more on Azhura and the emperor, Titus. I liked how Azhura wanted to reveal to Titus who poisoned his father, but instead of devoting her time to solving dead mysteries, I thought her time would have been better employed winning over the people.

Instead of hiding away from the public, I felt she should have been doing charity work and the like for them to accept her, but oh well. At least it all worked out in the end!

I’m loving this series; can't wait to read what happens next :)

Poisoned Web features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • magic
  • intrigue
  • mystery
  • suspense
  • kidnapping
  • beta male

Rating: 3 Kisses 






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