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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Melody’s Wolf (Lyric Hounds #1) by Mina Carter


Melody's love life is in a bit of a dry spell...for the last two years. Content tracking down archaeological evidence of werewolf packs, she spends her time wearing wellingtons and covered in mud rather than looking for a date. Knowing her worried brother isn’t above arranging a kidnapping to get her to go on a date, she agrees to a match with 1Night Stand, figuring Madame Eve has to be a better matchmaker than her beloved brother.
Money, fame, looks—rock star and werewolf Aaron Rixx has it all, except the one thing that truly matters...love. Yearning for a woman to see him for who he is, he lets Madame Eve make all the arrangements. No matter where he goes, as the lead singer of the world famous band, Lyric Hounds, he's always recognized...so all he expects is a night of hot sex and a quiet weekend with his music.
He never anticipates Madame Eve might find the one woman on the planet who doesn't recognise him on sight...or the one he and his wolf identify instantly as their mate. Will one night be enough for him to convince Melody she's his forever?
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Double Review!


My Review:

Melody lives for her work. As an archeologist, she´s more comfortable with mud and digging than dates. Now her brother decides it´s time for a change and sets her up with Madame Eve´s 1Night Stand service.'

Reluctantly, she agrees; if nothing else she´ll get a night with a date, and avoid being abducted for fun by her brother.

Lead singer and werewolf, Aaron, is fed up with fangirls and not being seen for the man behind all the fame. The date through 1Night Stand is just a way to get an evening with someone who´s not just there for his stardom.

When Melody enters, everything changes. Aaron´s wolf scents his mate, and all bets are off.

Melody’s Wolf is a quick, fun read, with smutty fluff and smexing you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Rating: 4 Kisses


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My Review:

Melody (Mel) Simmons wants to find someone who loves her unconditionally. She's had a dry spell as far as romance goes in her life. Mel's brother Barr sets up a one night stand thru Madame Eve for her.

Mel's reluctant to try, but her brother uses the phrase:  "chances are good" for a happy beginning.

Aaron Rixx, lead singer of Lyric Hounds and werewolf, is tired of the endless stream of women in his rock-n-roll lifestyle. Aaron begs Madame Eve to set him up with a one night stand. Madame Eve delivers a beautiful unexpected surprise in Mel. Aaron wants someone who doesn't know who he is and is glad that Mel doesn't recognize him. Will Mel give this night a chance? Will Aaron get his wish? Is this a "chance meeting?" Your answers await you in Melody's Wolf.


This surprisingly sweet and quick read was pure delight. Melody is a shy and quiet person who is hesitatant to take a chance on love.

Aaron is an Alpha Male that wants something meaningful in his rock-n-roll life. I want to know who Madame Eve is because I'm curious as to how she knows her stuff. I'll definitely look forward to the next book in this series.

Rating: 5 Kisses


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Melody’s Wolf features:

  • alpha male
  • erotic themes
  • oral sex
  • werewolf
  • paranormal romance
  • music
  • angst


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