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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Animal Instincts by Jaci Burton



Animal Instincts Jaci Burton Moonlight Madison's life is way too full for a relationship.

Attending veterinary school and volunteering at a vet clinic by day while working as a dominatrix by night leaves no room for men. A submissive at heart, she hates her job, but it pays the expensive tuition bills.

If only she had the time to find a dominant man to cater to her every fantasy. Blake Hunter knows exactly what Moonlight needs. A strong man to bring out the animal in her. Because he knows a secret about her-a secret she isn't even aware of. He's going to reach right into her heart and soul to unleash the beast that only he knows lives hidden deep within. One animal can always spot another. It's instinct.

My Quickie Review:

Moonlight struggles with her veterinarian education fees. The perfect solution? To work extra as a Dominatrix.

One day Blake, who she knows from the vet practice, appears and takes charge, as she´s secretly wanted all along. That he´s got even more answers to her and her life was something she never could have suspected.

Animal Instincts features: (BDSM) D/s, smutty fluff, and shifters embracing their inner wolf.

Rating: 4 Kisses


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