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Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Sins of the Undead Patriot (The Undead Patriot #1) by a.c. Mason


To save the President, Vaihan must trust the woman who betrayed him.
Vaihan Louchian, Ancient Zombie and Special Advisor to the President, dabbles in contracts for Homeland Security in Washington DC, the only remaining demilitarized zone. His latest mission: to seduce delectable Leera Waltz so he can take down her boyfriend Rowley, leader of the anti-zombie terrorist movement. Vaihan and the President work the Bill of Undead Rights through the Senate, but terrorist attacks rise. The futures of the living and undead are in jeopardy, and Ms. Waltz is not all she seems. Vaihan can't help being more interested in rescuing her than in his assignment. Any human female who's willing to put up with the complications of lovemaking with him and his bouts of OCD is worth the hassle.

Vaihan is powerful, intelligent and kind. So not what Leera expected of an undead. When she's forced to betray Vaihan, she knows he will never understand. She must return to Rowley, and slips deeper into the city's dark underworld. Then Vaihan's suspected in an assassination attempt against the President, and Leera has to find the courage to do what's right and save him, or lose not only Vaihan and the leader of the free world, but her heart and soul.

WARNING: Questionable sexual situations that will disturb some readers, such as abuse, bondage and drug use. Graphic violence and sex, including taboo play. M/F. M/F/M. M/M. And the sexiest undead civil servant you'll ever meet.

My Review:

In Sins of the Undead Patriot by a.c. Mason (a.c.M), the world has changed. Zombies are among us, but they are not like the undead we have come to know about. They don’t moan incoherently or rot, nor do they have hanging or trailing body pieces – just the contrary. Zombies are articulate and are very much sought after for a shot of their Z-luv as their saliva, semen, and blood are highly addictive, paralyzing their victims in a state of pleasure until the feeding begins. What feeding? Oh yes, I forgot to mention – these zombies do in fact feed on human flesh – preferably African Americans as they taste sweeter.

But things aren’t so black and white – the government has their hands in the Zombie pot as they clone humans for parts for the  wealthy who can afford it, and the Zombie gladly destroy all the delicious evidence. The government also hires them to do what humans can’t, and if a Zombie cooperates with the government, the feds will in turn integrate them into society and give them identities. 

Vaihan Louchian is one such zombie. Being an Ancient (a zombie more than 100 years old), he moonlights as a CIA agent. He is is hired by Barton, a government agent, to prove that some individuals (Peter and Rowley) are getting funding for terrorist activities.

Bringing these individuals down is important as they are involved with opposing the Bill of Undead Rights – a bill Vaihan strongly supports. So how exactly will Vaihan get access to these high profile individuals to help out Barton? Well, Vaihan will have to go through Leera Waltz, sister to Peter, one of the men he’s trying to trap. Vaihan will have to romance Leera, a recent widow, and find out what he can through her about Peter and Rowley (who happens to be Leera’s ex-lover and is now partners with Peter) all while he fights the urge to literally eat her alive – especially since she’s African American.

But this isn’t a covert mission. Leera is in on Vaihan’s play  - as Barton, a government agent seems to be playing ALL sides of the fence as he lets Leera in on Vaihan’s intentions. In order to save and exonerate Peter, her brother, from being incriminated by Vaihan, Leera accepts to romance Vaihan and Rowley–and report back everything she hears back to Barton. But all plans are shot to hell when the mission at hand takes a back burner to everyone’s feelings.

Rowley hopes to rekindle his past relationship with Leera, but Leera is torn between what she feels for Rowley and everything Vaihan has to offer. In between her relationship woes, Leera is caught between an extremely dangerous espionage game that will leave her scarred for life – if she survives.


What I liked about Sins of the Undead Patriot:

1. Sex, sex, sex! This book has so much sex, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect blend of all my erotica faves: a ménage featuring M/F/M, oral, and backdoor play, plus there was a splash of m/m and a scene of almost overdose from zombie sex! *happy julie*

2. Double/Triple Cross. There are so many players trying to push their own agendas that just when you think you have a character figured out, you end up shocked at the turn of events. Just loved how the plot always kept me guessing and all the twists and turns masterfully entwined in the story.

3. Devin! I couldn’t get enough of Devin (Rowley’s right hand man). Being the only person Rowley trusted quickly earned him a place by Rowley’s side and a chance to share in Rowley’s relationship with Leera. Devin was so hottt and sexxy I was right there with Leera, not knowing how to keep Rowley from finding out she preferred Devin’s company! *fans self* I was so shocked at the part Devin plays at the end of the book – genius plot twist!

4. Vaihan. Before I started reading, I couldn’t think of any conceivable way a zombie could be sexy, but because of a.c.M’s amazing writing skills, by the end of the book, I couldn’t get enough of Vaihan and his sexxy ways. Just loved him and Leera together. :)


What I didn’t like about Sins of the Undead Patriot.

The ending. Be prepared for a cliffy ending. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series whose tentative release date is set for November 2013. *faints* What am I going to do until then? *sobs*




One at a time, Devin unbuttoned her coat buttons and pushed the material apart, slid the fabric from her body.

“Thank you, Devin.” Leera kissed his forehead.

Rowley climbed on the bed and slipped behind her, propping her up against his chest. She let out a soft moan. “Did Devin taking your coat off turn you on as much as it did me?” He pressed the stiff need in his pants to her plump ass. “Can you feel how hard I am?”

She nodded with a gasp.

“How about you, Devin? Were you turned on?” Rowley covered Leera’s hand with his and guided it along Devin’s inner thigh over the hard bulge of his erection.

“You don’t trust me around your girl.” Devin stared at him, searching his gaze. “Are you testing me?”

How could he think sharing Lee-lee with him was a game, anything other than love for both of them and a need for a place in his life where they’d both fit? And, so he could control them.

“On the contrary, you and Leera are the only two people in my life that matter.” He slipped her hand back and forth over Devin’s erection. “You know how much I enjoy watching. What I wouldn’t give to watch you pleasuring each other for me.”

“What?” Leera pulled her hand back. “You want me to fuck Devin while you watch?”

“Yes.” Rowley didn’t let go and kept her hand planted on Devin’s cock. “You expect me to trust you with the lives of others, but you won’t indulge me in what brings me great pleasure?

“Somehow that will show you I’m trustworthy?”

“No. What it will demonstrate is what you are willing to do to make me happy. You want to make me happy don’t you, Lee-lee?”

“Yes.” She nodded.

“I’d know you’d be doing it to please me. My request is beyond your own openness and requires a great deal of trust in me that I won’t hold this over you in our relationship. If you are willing to take that leap of faith, then so shall I.”

Devin fixed his gaze to his. He knew better than to interfere. “Are you testing my loyalty?”

She quivered in his arms. Smart cookie. “No. Openness and trust are more important to me. Creating a connection between you two will make life simpler for the three of us.”

“What are the rules?”

“Aside from the practical one of using protection for vaginal penetration, there are no rules. Devin won’t hurt you.” He slid her hand over the length of Devin’s cock to the base, then back up. The heat in Devin’s pear-green eyes was intense as he soaked in Leera’s body with his gaze.

Her cheek pressed to Rowley’s chin. “Are you going to take part?”

“If you’d like me to.” He breathed out the words, into her ear.

She gazed up at him with her big brown eyes. “Yes.”

He kissed her temple. “For all we know, Devin isn’t interested in fucking me while you watch, or joining us as we have sex.”

She shrugged. Rowley grinned. Given her hand held pressed to Devin’s hard cock, how likely would the man be to say no? Men didn’t turn down sex with beautiful women.

“Let’s ask him. Dev?”

She held her breath, waiting for his response.

Devin met her stare. “I’d be honored to share pleasure with you– you both.” He stroked back the curl hanging over her eye.

“Perfect. I’m going to take a seat in the corner and let you get comfortable with each other.” Rowley withdrew from behind her, moved to the large comfy chair at the back, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

“Nervous?” Devin took her trembling hands in his. She darted a look to the corner where Rowley sat, then back at Devin and nodded. “Me too.” He pressed her palm to his chest over his heart. “You set the pace.”

With her hands to his torso, he guided them to the buttons of his dress shirt. “Let everything other than you and I melt away, as we build the connection between us. Keep your eyes focused on me alone.”

She looped the first button of his shirt, then the next.

Rating: 4.5 Kisses


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  1. Oh my, other than the cliffie, this sound like a great (hot) read, =)

  2. ACK Gotta hate cliffy's.

    theladykt@yahoo.com or theladykct@gmail.com

  3. The cliffy is the only thing and easy to overlook in this amazing book! Definite must read! <3


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