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Friday, September 21, 2012

NSFW - The Dirty Romantic–9/21/12



Stolen Moments

With my head still close to yours, I take the opportunity to pull your hair away from your neck. I trace slow turns with my tongue down the long curve of your neck, ending with a bite to your shoulder. You twist slightly under me. With my hand stroking the side of your head, caressing your cheek, I travel my way back up, this time letting my hot breath tease your beautiful neck.

As I end at your ear, I take the tip your ear in to my mouth. Nipping at your earlobe, I am rewarded with a further shiver of you beneath me and a further arch of your back against me. Lips still close to your ear, I whisper, “Turn over for me.”

I release you from under me and as I slide back, you slip underneath me, twisting yourself. My hand traces across your belly and hips. I take pleasure in the touch of your soft skin beneath my hands, the hardness of your nipples and the dampness between your legs.

You turn and look at me. Your face framed by your high heels - the sight of both makes my cock throb. You know the weakness I have for you, naked except for those heels. That sly look giving away the fact you know exactly what you’re doing to me.

I sit there for a moment, just taking it in, the path of your spine taking my eyes to the curve of your arse, those long thighs parted, drawing all my attention to your lips, swollen and moist.

Enough, I move forward, my hands on your cheeks pushing you apart. My hands slip around your thighs pulling you up. You lift your hips to my mouth. Just before I disappear into the folds of your cunt one more time, I look up just as you turn your head into the pillow, with your lips parted in a half smile with eyes closing in expectation.

And then I’m on you, the smell and taste of you filling my senses as I focus on the moment. Every movement my searching tongue creates, every crease and fold I find, the full feeling in my mouth as I suck you inside me.

My fingers dig deep into you as I drink you in. This is not for you now, this is for me. Your pleasure is secondary to my need to taste you fully, to be as close to you as I know how. I bury myself deeper, losing myself for a time, aware only of your soft flesh pushing and grinding into my face.

Your urgent movements bring me back to the now. I’m not sure how long I’ve been there, licking, stroking, tasting. But I can’t ignore the hard throbbing need between my legs, the need to move this on, and your demands for more. You push your hips up further, presenting your cunt for more. What can I do but take you up on the offer?

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