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Friday, December 8, 2017

3 Kiss Spoiler Review: Fervent (Condemned Series #3) by Gemma James


I never imagined things could get worse, but they do. The men who took us have no mercy. They won’t stop until they’ve destroyed Rafe for something he has no memory of, and I’m their weapon of choice.
Tortured and defiled, they make me wish I was back in that cabin where death was favorable to drawing another breath, but our captors can’t break what’s already broken.

What scares me is the madness I see festering inside Rafe.
I’ve taken his freedom, his career, his reputation, yet despite all I’ve done, he’s determined to fight for me, kill for me, give everything he is for me. He’ll even die for me.

My Spoiler Review:

In the previous book, Rafe lost eight years of his memory, thanks to getting shot at and hit in the head by Zach, who in turn takes advantage of the situation to kidnap Alex and live out his lurid fantasies with her. Alex, who’s been drugged and violated for days by Zach can’t find an escape, except to try to kill herself. Her ploy works and it lands her in a hospital and somewhat safe from Zach, her stepbrother, for a moment.

When Alex tries to tell her stepfather that Zach assaulted her, her stepdad goes into protection mode and won’t hear anything Alex has to say. In fact, he tells her she’s risking being committed as insane if she tries anything against Zach. He does however promise Alex that he’ll keep Zach away from her, but this promise is short lived.

Zach finds Alex again and having nowhere to turn, Alex goes to Rafe – hoping he can help her. But Rafe’s got his own struggles and while he’s trying to piece back together his broken memories, thugs invade his home and kidnap him and Alex. His house is burned down and we begin book three with Rafe and Alex locked up in a trunk going off to an undisclosed location. 

Fervent, the third installment of the Condemned Series, had me wondering just what I was reading. The book takes a hard left with the plot and new villain who comes out of nowhere. 

Just when we thought Alex's step brother was the one to look out for, someone else - who Alex was engaged to a for brief minute, suddenly makes a play for revenge.

Really? Seriously? And the 'ex' is a sex trafficker complete with an underground torture dungeon. It was a bit too much and I couldn't wrap my head around most of the plot and how interconnected everything/everyone was.

Probably my biggest problem with this series is that Rafe seriously turns into a Beta Male throughout the progression of the series. Everyone and I mean everyone keeps getting the drop on him and he doesn’t do much to protect Alex at all.

And the plot twist with Jax, who was Rafe’s cellmate and up until now his best friend and accomplice in everything also came out of nowhere!

The only good thing that came out of this book was that Rafe finally gets his memory back at the very end, but Alex is so broken at this point I don't even know how I can even believe in this love story anymore. I'm like at this point if I was Alex, I would have nothing to do with anyone and just go away to an island to find myself. It's just too much!

Still, I'm hoping the last book wraps all this up and I can finally get some closure to this series.

Fervent features:

  • erotica
  • torture
  • BDSM
  • non-consensual sex
  • dubious consent
  • exhibitionism
  • backdoor play
  • m/f
  • m/m
  • oral sex
  • revenge
  • amnesia
  • intrigue
  • mystery
  • suspense
  • organized crime
  • cliffhanger ending
  • character death

Rating: 3 Kisses



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