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Review Policy

New Policy as of 2/19/2013:

We are no longer substituting Guest Posts in lieu of a review. Guest Posts have now been transitioned into Advertising.
Please check our Advertising Tab for information.

Hello! Due to the increase in demand of our site for reviews, we are limiting the number of requested book reviews, blog tours, and author interviews we are accepting at this time.

We cannot stress enough that we are ONLY accepting books that feature:

Please note that if your book does NOT feature detailed erotica elements, (nothing upsets us more when reading than a glazed over sexual encounter where we have to use our imaginations) we probably won't like it as much and our blog might not be the best fit for your book

*We do not accept review requests for any books featuring elements of pedophilia, incest, or sexual participants under the age of 18. 

 *any review requests sent to our individual accounts will NOT be considered.

Once you have spoken to us, and we have agreed to review your book, we will gladly accept digital and printed book copies - though our preference is towards digital copies as we are Kindle devotees. 

If you have a reviewer preference or a deadline that must be met, please tell us so in your request. 

Please make sure your request also includes your book's cover picture, along with a synopsis or a link to Goodreads would be acceptable as well. 

We will send your requests back so this info can be included. We apologize for any inconvenience, but with the amount of requests we receive, we do not have time to research book titles and find this information ourselves.

Please email requests with the above questions answered to: 

-Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog 2015