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Monday, February 3, 2014

Review & Giveaway – Drop Dead Gorgeous (L.A. Vamps #1) by Suki McMinn


Derek Randall had it all – fame, fortune and a woman he was pretty sure he was falling in love with. Until he winds up dead.
Now he’s a vampire, learning the ins-and-outs of his powers with the help of some of his nicer ‘brothers’. It’s not all bad, even with a Sire like Madeline, up to the point he’s told he can never see Clara again – not if he doesn’t want Madeline to kill her.
He can give up the fame and fortune, but he can’t give up Clara. With his brothers’ warnings echoing in his head, he starts to play a dangerous game. One that can’t last. And with Madeline circling ever closer, he finds he’s quickly running out of options.
Derek will have to choose: His life, or Clara’s.

Clara Devereux is at rock bottom. The love of her life was dead, she was fired from her job, and she thinks she’s losing her sanity because there’s no way Derek can be standing in the middle of her apartment.
But he is. Derek’s alive…sort of. And he wants to be with her.
Clara can take the newfound biting kink, and all the secrets he seems to have, but when he starts to pull away she puts her foot down. She has another chance with him and she’s not giving it up.
Even if it kills her.
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My Review:

Clara met the man of her dreams, Derek, and had a whirlwind love-filled weekend with him. But just when everything is set to be perfect, Derek vanishes during a hiking trip. Her perfect weekend is turned into a nightmare when Derek is found dead on the trail.

Then if that wasn’t enough, Clara is sacked from her job. Feeling heartbroken and depressed, she is shocked when she encounters Derek again. Is she hallucinating? Has she lost her mind?


Derek couldn’t have been abducted and turned into a vampire against his will at a worst possible time: just when he´d met an amazing woman, Clara.

As a new vampire, he’s supposed to stay away from his old life, but he finds himself unable to stay away from Clara. But what is he to do when his maker, Madeline, is threatening it all? How can he save himself and Clara when he can´t protect them from the one in control of everything?


Drop Dead Gorgeous is a quick, fun, action-packed read I highly recommend. It features a new, fresh take on vamps, filled with smut and suspense. I can´t wait to read the sequel, Die Laughing!!

Drop Dead Gorgeous features:

  • paranormal romance
  • sexual content
  • vampires
  • suspense
  • quick read

Rating: 5 Kisses  photo 5-Kisses.gif


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Suki is giving away an E-book copy of Drop Dead Gorgeous. All you have to do to win is:


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Good luck! Contest ends February 17, 2014.


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*book was provided to ROL! for review by author*


  1. I am anticipating some fun interaction between Clara and Derek :) Thank you for sharing this new (to me) read with us today :)

  2. It´s a great read! =) Happy Contest!

  3. And the winner is . . .
    Denise Z.

    Congratulations! Huge THANK YOUs to everyone who entered. Thank you so much for supporting our blog :)


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