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Monday, April 23, 2012

Review: Bared to You (Crossfire #1) by Sylvia Day


Our journey began in fire...

Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness--beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white hot. I was drawn to him as I'd never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily...

Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other's most private wounds... and desires.

The bonds of his love transformed me, even as I prayed that the torment of our pasts didn't tear us apart...

My Review:

Bared to You was getting tons of fanfare on Goodreads.  People were going crazy over it!  It didn’t take long for me to understand why.  I was hooked in the first chapter.  Eva Tramell, a 24 year old new graduate has moved to New York City with her best friend, Cary (a bisexual man) to be closer to her mom and stepfather.  She has a new job in the Crossfire Building at an advertising agency.  The day before she starts her new job, she stops by the office and literally crashes into Gideon Cross, who at 28-years old, is a billionaire business mogul, owner of the building she works in and the most gorgeous man Eva has ever laid eyes on. 

After a few elevator encounters, it’s clear that the heat between them is mutual. When I say heat, I mean that it’s possible that I’ve never have seen such incendiary lust put to page.  It borders on unhealthy and crosses over that line a time or two. 

Gideon is determined to get Eva into his bed, but he doesn’t date.  He has women that he sleeps with and women that are his friends and never the twain shall meet.  Eva is not opposed to a friends with benefits arrangement, but wants a little more than a business transaction.  So begins the chase. 

Eva tries to hold out, but Gideon uses every one of his considerable resources to win her over.  This borders on stalking which really bothers Eva because her mother is already ignoring the boundaries Eva has set in her life.  Unfortunately,  it’s a big error on Gideon’s part, but let’s just say Gideon is a little OCD on the information gathering.

Eventually Gideon wins her over.  Their first sexual encounter has some of the hottest dialogue I’ve ever read and it only gets hotter from there. (see excerpt).

But both Eva and Gideon have serious issues to overcome.  Eva has self-esteem issues mostly due to a sexual abuse history and Gideon, is battling demons of his own though it’s unclear exactly what kind.  He is a Sexomniac and has vivid dreams that are upsetting for Eva to witness, and one of his dreams brings Eva’s traumatic past roaring to the forefront once again.

But both Gideon and Eva become quickly and fiercely devoted to one other.  They try to mend a lot of their differences through sex, though it’s hard to tell that’s what they are doing because they literally cannot keep their hands off of one another.  But they are both aware of their own flaws and try hard to work on them.

There is serious family drama on both sides and both characters make major relationship mistakes.  But it’s an incredible journey to witness.  Gideon learns to open himself up to someone and is so crazy about Eva at times it feels as if he’ll jump out of his skin if he can’t touch her or be near her.  Eva works hard at not running when things become difficult and admits to being very jealous and possessive and even uses it to try to warn Gideon away in the beginning.  Through it all they explore elements of Dominance and submission, though there is no bondage or physical punishment, it’s fascinating to watch them figuring it out.

This book was just incredible.  I couldn’t put it down!  The sex was so hot and the relationship was so juicy that I just had to know what was coming next!  There is a sequel planned to be released later in the year, but there’s not an uncomfortable cliffhanger that will make you wish that you waited for the sequel to come out to read both books.  Definite recommended read.


I tightened the belt of my robe before I let him in. It wasn’t like I’d invited him over for a seduction or anything.

Gideon stood in the hallway for a long moment, his gaze raking me from my head down to my French manicured toes. I was equally stunned by his appearance. The way he looked in worn jeans and a T-shirt made me want to undress him with my teeth.

“Worth the trip to find you like this, Eva.” He stepped inside and locked the door behind him. “How are you feeling?”

“Good. Thanks to you. Thank you.” My stomach quivered because he was here, with me, which made me feel almost…giddy. “That can’t be why you came over.”

“I’m here because it took you too long to call me.”

“I didn’t realize I had a deadline.”

“I have to ask you something time-sensitive, but more than that, I wanted to know if you were feeling all right after last night.” His eyes were dark as they swept over me, his breathtaking face framed by that luxurious curtain of inky hair. “God. You look beautiful, Eva. I can’t remember ever wanting anything this much.”

With just those few simple words I became hot and needy. Way too vulnerable. “What’s so urgent?”

“Go with me to the advocacy center dinner tonight.”

I pulled back, surprised and excited by the request. “You’re going?”

“So are you. I checked, knowing your mother would be there. Let’s go together.”

My hand went to my throat, my mind torn between the weirdness of how much he knew about me and concern over what he was asking me to do. “That’s not what I meant when I said we should spend time together.”

“Why not?” The simple question was laced with challenge. “What’s the problem with going together to an event we’d already planned on attending separately?”

“It’s not very discreet. It’s a high-profile event.”

“So?” Gideon stepped closer and fingered a curl of my hair.

There was a dangerous purr to his voice that sent a shiver through me. I could feel the warmth of his big, hard body and smell the richly masculine scent of his skin. I was falling under his spell, deeper with every minute that passed.

“People will make assumptions, my mother in particular. She’s already scenting your bachelor blood in the water.”

Lowering his head, Gideon pressed his lips into the crook of my neck. “I don’t care what people think. We know what we’re doing. And I’ll deal with your mother.”

“If you think you can,” I said breathlessly, “you don’t know her very well.”

“I’ll pick you up at seven.” His tongue traced the wildly throbbing vein in my throat and I melted into him, my body going lax as he pulled me close.

Still, I managed to say, “I haven’t said yes.”

“But you won’t say no.” He caught my earlobe between his teeth. “I won’t let you.”

I opened my mouth to protest and he sealed his lips over mine, shutting me up with a lush wet kiss. His tongue did that slow, savoring licking that made me long to feel him doing the same between my legs. My hands went to his hair, sliding through it, tugging. When he wrapped his arms around me, I arched, curving into his hands.

Just as he had in his office, he had me on my back on the couch before I realized he was moving me, his mouth swallowing my surprised gasp. The robe gave way to his dexterous fingers; then he was cupping my breasts, kneading them with soft, rhythmic squeezes.


“Shh.” He sucked on my lower lip, his fingers rolling and tugging my tender nipples. “It was driving me crazy knowing you were naked beneath your robe.”

“You came over without—Oh! Oh, God…”

His mouth surrounded the tip of my breast, the wash of heat bringing a mist of perspiration to my skin.

My gaze darted frantically to the clock on the cable box. “Gideon, no.”

His head lifted and he looked at me with stormy blue eyes. “It’s insane, I know. I don’t—I can’t explain it, Eva, but I have to make you come. I’ve been thinking about it constantly for days now.”

One of his hands pushed between my legs. They fell open shamelessly, my body so aroused I was flushed and almost feverish. His other hand continued to plump my breasts, making them heavy and unbearably sensitive.

“You’re wet for me,” he murmured, his gaze sliding down my body to where he was parting me with his fingers. “You’re beautiful here, too. Plush and pink. So soft. You didn’t wax today, did you?”

I shook my head.

“Thank God. I don’t think I would’ve made it ten minutes without touching you, let alone ten hours.” He slid one finger carefully into me.

My eyes closed against the unbearable vulnerability of being spread out naked and fingered by a man whose familiarity with the rules of Brazilian waxing betrayed an intimate knowledge of women. A man who was still fully clothed and kneeling on the floor beside me.

“You’re so snug.” Gideon pulled out and thrust gently back into me. My back bowed as I clenched eagerly around him. “And so greedy. How long has it been since the last time you were fucked?”

I swallowed hard. “I’ve been busy. My thesis, job-hunting, moving…”

“A while, then.” He pulled out and pushed back into me with two fingers. I couldn’t hold back a moan of delight. The man had talented hands, confident and skilled, and he took what he wanted with them.

“Are you on birth control, Eva?”

“Yes.” My hands gripped the edges of the cushions. “Of course.”

“I’ll prove I’m clean and you’ll do the same, then you’re going to let me come in you.”

“Jesus, Gideon.” I was panting for him, my hips circling shamelessly onto his thrusting fingers. I felt like I’d spontaneously combust if he didn’t get me off.

I’d never been so turned on in my life. I was near mindless with the need for an orgasm. If Cary walked in right then and found me writhing in our living room while Gideon finger-fucked me, I didn’t think I’d care.

Gideon was breathing hard, too. His face was flushed with lust. For me. When I’d done nothing more than respond helplessly to him.

His hand at my breast moved to my cheek and brushed over it. “You’re blushing. I’ve scandalized you.”


His smile was both wicked and delighted, and it made my chest tight. “I want to feel my cum in you when I fuck you with my fingers. I want you to feel my cum in you, so you think about how I looked and the sounds I made when I pumped it into you. And while you’re thinking about that, you’re going to look forward to me doing it again and again.”

My sex rippled around his stroking fingers, the rawness of his words pushing me to the brink of orgasm.

“I’m going to tell you all the ways I want you to please me, Eva, and you’re going to do it all…take it all, and we’re going to have explosive, primal, no-holds-barred sex. You know that, don’t you? You can feel how it’ll be between us.”

“Yes,” I breathed, clutching my breasts to ease the deep ache of my hardened nipples. “Please, Gideon.”

“Shh…I’ve got you.” The pad of his thumb rubbed my clitoris in gentle circles. “Look into my eyes when you come for me.”

Everything tightened in my core, the tension building as he massaged my clit and pushed his fingers in and out in a steady, unhurried rhythm.

“Give it up to me, Eva,” he ordered. “Now.”  

Woohoo!  Did I tell you it was hot?





  1. Holy freakin' hell!! It's a good thing it is cold outside because I need to go get some cold air into my scorched lungs!! Uummmm, thanks for sharing :-)

  2. That was only thier first encounter. The first! Gets hotter from there. I think it's under $4 on Amazon.

  3. Omg!!! I think I'm going to buy it now before I go to bed. Now I don't know what the hell I've been waiting for. I take my books to work with me so I have something for my down time. I'm not sure I should take that one to work. Id get nothing done. Lol. Thanks for the review and the excerpt.

  4. Wow! That does sound hot! Now I really do need that firefighter to hose me down. lol Great Review Michele and excellent book blurb.

  5. Gah!!!!! I must read this book ASAP, Michele!!!!


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