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Monday, January 15, 2018

We’re Back and with a Free Reads Alert!


Happy 2018, Fellow Readers! We sure hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday break – we sure have! Now we’re finally back and with some free reads!


I've always been tied to you.
I wanted you even when I shouldn't have.
I desired you even when it was wrong.
But I've been waiting for you.
And now I'll have you.

You'll be alone with me on my private island.
You'll forget you're there to pay off your father's debt.
You won't even remember your own name.
You won't feel the ropes I tie around your wrists.
You won't miss the light when I blindfold you.

All you will feel is my mouth on yours, my skin against yours, and my hardness as I slowly slide in to you.
And when you scream my name, I'll know you're mine.
Tied to me.
This Alpha Billionaire Romance contains light-BDSM. There's no pain. It's all about her pleasure. It's a full novel with no cliff-hanger and an awesome HEA. I've also included bonus books for your enjoyment.
xx Tia

Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.


Curvy, half-Egyptian Cleo needs another spanking. Marcus, the commanding man who spanks so well, wants more from her than he's ready to dare. Voices from the ancient past exert a dangerous influence.
Please note:
The Submission Island serial is for discerning women and men over 18. It's suited only to readers who want to enter a world of BDSM focused on a woman's pleasure and male dominance.There are many books catering to those who prefer non-stop sex performed by characters with no inner lives and no heart connection. This isn’t one of them. If a character-driven erotic adventure appeals to you, you've reached the right island.
Paradise has teeth
Curvy Cleo's second day on Submission Island offers a chance to explore. But despite the allure of ancient ruins, mysteries, and a choice of kinky pleasures, her body and mind remain preoccupied with Marcus.

He said she could ask for him, but she isn’t sure she should. She wanted a no-risk, no-entanglements vacation. But she’s entangled already—with a hot man who probably wouldn't look at her twice anywhere else in the world.
His big hand grasped my shoulder and turned me to face him. His lips grazed my forehead. “Cleo.” I heard his heart in his voice. Mine stuttered. He enfolded me in his arms. “Cleo.”
I felt so vulnerable, naked against his clothed body. He smelled so good, and he felt strong and protective, like he’d stand against the world for me.
This is the second episode of Submission Island. It features Cleo, a curvy twenty-eight year-old submissive, and Marcus, a wealthy, older dom. It's a complete episode with resolution of the immediate events, and the story continues.

As usual, we don’t know how long these Kindle books from Amazon will remain for free – so download them today! Enjoy!


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