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Monday, September 11, 2017

4 Kiss Review: Ungranted Wishes by Grace Risata


It would be putting it mildly to say that full-figured Cleo Welch was in a funk. Dead end job? Check. Bank account? Running low. Sex life? Non-existent.
Her luck took a turn for the better when she stumbled upon a magic brass pot at a rummage sale. After getting drunk and rubbing things the right way, Cleo found herself in possession of one extremely attractive genie who was very grateful to be released.
What’s a girl to do when a four thousand year old genie is far more interested in satisfying her every desire, rather than granting any of her wishes? Well…she does the genie. That’s a no-brainer!

WARNING: This full length novel contains quite a few explicit sex scenes (including ones involving candy that explodes, a dirty talking detective, and an ancient ritual performed with raspberries). Every scene is absolutely consensual between all parties involved. If you’re looking for a sick, twisted, dark tale – please go elsewhere, you will NOT find it here. All my stories come with a guarantee that you will crack a smile, find a happily-ever-after ending, and never have to deal with an annoying cliffhanger. There’s also no cheating, no billionaires, no bigfoot sightings, and plenty of character backstory (it’s not just a pornfest, I promise!)

My Review:

At twenty-four, Cleo has all but given up on ever finding love, much less anyone to stamp her V-card. It doesn’t help matters that her life is a mess and she works with her brother at a small machine shop where she drools over Colt, the hot mechanic who works there and who just happens to be the town man-whore.

But Colt won’t even look her way as she’s plus sized and just coming out of a depression after both her parents tragically died. The only thing keeping Cleo afloat is her friendship with her bestie, Diana, and her love for antiquing and selling items on the Internet.

On what seemed like a normal night, Cleo has a little bit too much to drink as she’s assessing a lamp she acquired at her most recent estate sale. She imagines it to be a genie lamp and as she tries to scrub it clean, she jokingly promises to let the genie’s lamp touch her breasts if only he’ll come out. Much to her surprise a gorgeous naked man, who states he’s a genie, appears in her living room.

The genie tells her his name, which she quickly shortens to Beck, and Cleo’s life will never be the same again. Beck tells her she’s got two weeks to make three wishes and he will grant whatever she desires. That is something quite difficult for Cleo, because her desires turn downright sinful whenever she’s around Beck.

What will Cleo wish for? Will she wish for riches so that she and her brother, Austin, will finally stay afloat after their parent’s death? Or will she wish happiness for her bestie who still hasn’t come out to her family and just like Cleo, also yearns for love? Or will she wish for her Aunt Pat to fall into a ditch and finally leave her alone as her aunt has constantly meddled in her life after her mother’s death? Or will she wish that Beck will stick around and make all her lurid sexual fantasies come true?


Ungranted Wishes is a fun read filled with lots of laughs and sexxy scenes. I really liked the friendship between Diana and Cleo and their scenes together made me laugh out loud! Plus, the HEA at the end was just perfect!

Ungranted Wishes features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • f/f
  • m/f
  • paranormal romance
  • genies
  • magic
  • intrigue
  • mystery
  • suspense
  • snarky female
  • humor

Rating: 4 Kisses




*book was provided to ROL! in exchange for an honest review*

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