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Friday, September 15, 2017

3 Kiss Review: The Devil’s Advocate (The Devil’s Advocate #1) by Michaela Haze


Dahlia Clark is a Hell Broker. You want to sell your soul, she’s your girl.
The only problem? She’s not seen her boss, Luc, in over two centuries.
Not since he forced her out of hell, out of his bed and condemned her to be his eyes and ears on the surface.
As far as breakups go, it could have been better!
When Dahlia meets Samuel Rose, a male incubus with the London Underground scene wrapped around his finger, things are looking up in the romance department.

At least she can dust off a few of those cobwebs.
Lucifer doesn’t like it when people play with his things.
It doesn’t matter that he dumped her over two hundred years ago. The Devil wants Dahlia back, whatever the cost.

My Review:

Dahlia has spent ages of her long life by her mate’s side, Luc, until one day he decides they need to part ways. Luc is no ordinary man, he’s the devil himself and Dahlia isn’t too shabby in the power department herself. Dedicating her time away from hell and now residing in the mortal realm, she works as a broker with the securities she trades being human souls for Lucifer.

Two hundred years pass from being alienated from all she’s ever known and she’s tired of living life on her own. She yearns to return to hell and her beloved. Well, that all changes when she meets Samuel Rose, a male incubus who makes everything tingle in just the right places. Could she finally be moving on from Luc? Better yet, will Luc let her move on, or will he finally come back and claim what was his all along?

Dahlia is in turmoil as her feelings for Samuel and the talk of a long lost prophesy of a woman who will bear Lucifer’s child haunts her. Surmising she’d only get in the way of his plans and that’s why she was ultimately set aside for the fulfillment of this prophesy, Dahlia gets plans of her own. She will undo the prophesy by eliminating the woman who stands between her and happiness with Luc. But will Luc see things her way, or will her involvement with Samuel throw a wrench in her plans?


The world building in The Devil’s Advocate is amazing and engaging. But there are so many intricate characters and interesting side stories that I often had to stop and remind myself what the main story was.

Luc also has the ability to get into bodies and wear them, though he never announces he’s steering the ship, so it’s a guessing game as to what’s truly going on with the characters. Word to the wise, don’t think you’re reading a light and breezy read, you need to be fully engaged and ready for this awesome read!

The Devil’s Advocate features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • demons
  • angels
  • incubus
  • shifters
  • mystery
  • intrigue
  • suspense
  • requested review
  • character death

Rating: 3 Kisses


*book was provided to ROL! in exchange for an honest review*

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