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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5 Kiss Review: Every Which Way But Dead (The Hollows #3) by Kim Harrison


There's no witch in Cincinnati tougher, sexier, or more screwed up than bounty hunter Rachel Morgan, who's already put her love life and soul in dire jeopardy through her determined efforts to bring criminal night creatures to justice.
Between "runs," she has her hands full fending off the attentions of her blood-drinking partner, keeping a deadly secret from her backup, and resisting a hot new vamp suitor.

Rachel must also take a stand in the war that's raging in the city's underworld, since she helped put away its former vampire kingpin - and made a deal with a powerful demon to do so that could cost her an eternity of pain, torment, and degradation.
And now her dark "master" is coming to collect his due.

My Review:

I’m “re-reading” this series via audio and it´s even better the second time around!

Rachel´s having a hard time; the last time she had to save herself put her in debt with a demon, not a place you want to be. Now he´s coming to collect, and her latest enemy is wanting her help and somehow she has to keep her new family safe. Could it be done?

This book is an amazing paranormal read filled with suspense, action, and mystery all in an awesome combo.
I’m bingelistening and I’m loving it =)

Every Which Way But Dead features:

  • sexual tension
  • kissing
  • paranormal romance
  • suspense
  • vampires
  • demons
  • magic

Rating: 5 Kisses



  1. I loved almost every book in the whole series. Only thing pisses me off with series is Ivy/Rachel lesbian weirdness stuff. Please don't get me wrong; I have no issues with gay/lesbian pairings. I love Pam and Lafayette from SVM. What was pissing me off was the whole, try it you never know you might like it, crap, over and over and over. It got old really fast.

    If you are binge listening, skip 6. They changed narrators and the new one sucked arse royally. I actually asked for my money back from audible and had to read the actual book. They switched back to original narrator for book 7 and beyond.

  2. I´m with you, on both the Ivy/Rachel subplot and the narrator, argh, it was like listening to nails on a chalkboard *shudders* She was aweful and I had to force myself to listen through it all.


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