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Monday, January 30, 2017

5 Kiss Review: Nordic Bound (Nordic Lights #3) by Christine Edwards


Can the man who shot her protect her from the monster who hunts her?
Ingvild would do anything to keep her little brother Kjetil out of trouble, even if that means committing a serious crime. The sinister leader of a Neo-Nazi group called the Norsemen asks her to steal for him in exchange for clearing her brother from his heavy gambling debt. She agrees, not realizing the chaos her act has just unleashed and the violent repercussions that will follow.

A biker with an iron will.
A solitary Dom, Aksel prefers building custom furniture in his remote home to embracing the wild-biker lifestyle of his close friends. One night he tangles with a stunning thief who has managed to steal a priceless artifact owned by his family for generations. Acting on instinct, he shoots the woman, only to watch her flee into the arctic night with his most valued possession. Everything comes full circle when his best friend Mikkel, the leader of the Devil’s Wrath MC, mentions a mysterious woman injured by a rifle shot. Once Aksel gets his hands on her, there is no turning back, for Ingvild is a more precious prize than any artifact. Even if he can win her love, will this strong-willed woman be open to the world of bondage and submission?

My Review:

When Ingvild´s brother finds himself in trouble, Ingvild makes a deal with the devil - burglar a gold mask to forget her brothers debt. She never expected the intended target to make all the trouble, though.

Aksel can´t believe his eyes when someone tries to rob him of the family heirloom, and when it turns out to be a woman he´s even more gobsmacked. Hitting her with a bullet, she still gets away, but Aksel vows to find her again. The answer turns out to be closer than he expected.

Ingvild knew that her deal was too good to be true and when the devil comes to collect more, she´ll need help. Who would have thought that the best bet would be the man she conned?
This book is great it’s just the perfect mix of romance, suspense, action, and smutty fluff on the dominant side! I love these Nordic Alphas! <3

Nordic Bound features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • BDSM
  • backdoor play
  • motorcycle club
  • romance
  • suspense

Rating: 5 Kisses


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