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Friday, January 27, 2017

4 Kiss Review: Step Bride (Barone Crime Family #1) by B.B. Hamel


A Bad Boy Romance
I’m the mobster’s forbidden bride.
I never wanted to do anything crazy. I’m a good girl, the total opposite of my reality TV star mother.
But in Vegas, anything can happen. Even marrying a rich, handsome stranger.
He has a ripped body and the cocky attitude to match.
His name is Lucas, and he’s the dirty-talking heir to the Barone crime family.

I don’t know why he wanted to get married, but I couldn’t stop saying yes over and over again.
And it gets worse.
My crazy mother eloped with his mafia father. We’re one big happy family, right?
Lucas is so arrogant that he won’t let me go.
I’m his wife, his step bride, and I’m stuck living with this secret in his family’s heavily guarded mansion.
If his dangerous father finds out the truth about us, we’re totally screwed. With a rat in the mob and the Russians coming after everyone, we’re living on the razor’s edge.
I need to divorce him. I need to stop wanting him.
I need to get out of this situation before both our families are torn to pieces.

My Review:

Lucas Barone is a member of the Barone Crime Family who does whatever he wants to with his life. That is until he receives an ultimatum from his father to settle down and take a wife.

Lucas takes a flight to Vegas to find his bride. Lucas finds his bride, but she gets cold feet in the end.

Natalie Taylor is used to scandal because of her mother and all her exploits. Natalie can't believe her mother has gotten married and sold Natalie's home out from under her. Natalie shouldn’t really have been surprised it's just the first time she's really been blindsided by it all.

Can Natalie accept Lucas's advances? Will Natalie learn something new? Your answers await you in Step Bride.


My curiosity got the better of me reading this novel. Lucas is the alpha male that won't back down for anything. Natalie is perfectly sweet and strong woman to boot. The characters and story are compelling, complex, gritty, raw, real, and honest. I look forward to more from this series.

Step Bride features:

  • erotica
  • BDSM
  • oral sex
  • alpha male
  • organized crime
  • suspense

Rating: 4 Kisses


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