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Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Going Nowhere: A Romantic Comedy Novella by Kimberly Lauren


Hard work isn't the only way to get ahead...
If success is determined by the number of friends one has, Kate Ryan had better make some quick. After being passed over for yet another partnership at a Miami-based law firm, Kate is just about ready to jump ship. While she works her butt off and gets nowhere, sycophants and suck-ups are quickly climbing the rungs to success.
The solution? Get on the same cruise as the man who can grant her the position she desires and make nice.
The problem? Her devilishly handsome colleague ends up on the same ship and has a different position in mind altogether.
In the end, Kate learns both how to seize her future with dignity and how to fall in love without a safety net.
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My Review:

Kate Ryan is an associate lawyer for a big law firm in Miami. She has fifteen year plan she religiously follows, much to the dismay of her best friend, April. Kate is hoping to make partner in her law firm, but it isn't looking likely to happen.

Max Walker, a fellow co-worker and secret crush, informs Kate that neither of them made the partnership short list. Kate is upset and confused by this because she believes she's doing all the right things to get ahead. April informs Kate that she doesn't know how to suck up is the reason why she's not making partner.

April explains that not everyone plays by the same rules as Kate does. April's boss, Sam Goldblum, takes an annual vacation along with Max Walker. Kate hatches a plan to get Sam to notice her enough to put her into the running for partnership. Kate thinks her plan might work, but she's not really sure at this point.

Imagine Kate's surprise when she sees another side of Max, but her response to him leaves much to be desired. Will Sam notice Kate? What valuable lesson will Kate learn? Will Kate admit her attraction to Max? Your answers await in Going Nowhere.


I loved all of the elements presented in this book! The characters were fascinating, real, likeable, honest, and sometimes laugh out loud funny. I felt that Kate was a very approachable person who felt that if you followed the rules you'd get ahead. I admired her work ethic and her stance on sucking up to bosses as well. Max is just absolutely yummy. I will definitely look for this author's work in the future.

Going Nowhere features:

  • angst
  • romance
  • sexual situations
  • humor

Rating: 4 Kisses photo 4-Kiss-Rating.gif


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