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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Sweet Revenge (Nemesis, Unlimited #1) by Zoe Archer


The first in a breathtaking new series about the dangerous business of undercover revenge—and the undeniable pleasure of passion…
In the Business of Vengeance
When Jack Dalton escapes from Dunmoor Prison, he has only one thing in mind—finding the nobleman who murdered his sister and making him pay. But when he reaches the inn where the Lord Rockley is rumored to be staying, three well-dressed strangers are there to meet him instead. And the pretty blonde is aiming a pistol right at his head…
Desire Is Always Dangerous
Joining Nemesis, Unlimited has made Eva Warrick much more than the well-mannered lady she appears to be—one who can shoot, fight, and outsmart any man in the quest to right the injustices so often suffered by the innocent. She’s not afraid of the burly escaped convict, but she is startled by their shared attraction. She and her partners need Jack’s help to get to Rockley, but Eva finds she wants Jack for scandalous reasons all her own…
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My Review:

Sweet Revenge is a historical read filled with action, suspense, and  lots of sexxy fluff in an awesome combo.

Jack was imprisoned when he attacked his then boss, trying to avenge the death of his sister. Now he´s got a second chance of getting back; all he has to do is escape the prison and get through the security.

Eva is a part of a group, Nemesis, who exact revenge and restitution for those unfortunate who can´t do it on their own.
Their next object is Lord Rockley, the same man Jack is after.
Joining forces is their best chance for revenge.

Sweet Revenge has awesome storytelling with a burly man not used to being anything but muscles and a woman who can´t resist him.

Sweet Revenge features:

  • paranormal romance
  • historical
  • suspense
  • alpha males
  • erotic themes
  • oral sex

Rating: 4.5 Kisses

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