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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Dirty Little Secrets by Julie Leto


USA Today bestselling author Julie Leto launches a caliente new series featuring a sexy, Latina bounty hunter with an appetite for danger and an insatiable thirst for the man she's hunting down: her ex. When Marisela Morales sets out to stop her ex-boyfriend Francisco Vega from skipping out on bail, she has a secret agenda: revenge. She hasn't seen Frankie in ten years, and back then, he broke her heart, choosing his gang over his girl. So when she tracks him down in their old haunt, a hot dance club in Tampa, she sets about seducing him into her trap.
Frankie has a secret agenda, too, and Marisela soon faces a tough choice: continue drifting through her twentysomething life -- hitting the same town with the same girlfriends every weekend while struggling to find a job and pay the rent -- or dive headfirst into danger with her ex. Frankie operates in a treacherous underworld full of arms dealers, assassins, and sinister agendas -- a world overrun with people keeping dirty little secrets -- and only Marisela has the cojones to fight her way to the truth.
Sexy, sultry, and action-packed, Dirty Little Secrets is a thrilling adventure in manhunting of the most dangerous kind.
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My Review:

Marisela Morales is a former enforcement worker looking to collect her next paycheck, but hoping to find her next job. Marisela hopes to keep her feelings to herself, especially where Frankie Vega is concerned.

Marisela and Frankie have a long history going back to when they were teenagers running in the same gangs. Marisela fought her way out of gang life and she's been using her skills to make ends meet. But her days in enforcement ended with her losing her license, yet that is not stopping her from making sure Frankie makes his court date.

Frankie Vega wants nothing more than to finish being employed by Ian Blake who runs an investigation firm. Frankie is furious with Marisela, but doesn't want to see her hurt either. Ian Blake offers Marisela a chance at a job, but is unsure if she'll fit into his idea of an ideal agent.

Marisela is working closely with Frankie learning all sort of things needed to complete the mission effectively. Marisela doesn't like Ian Blake's client, Elise Barton-Ryce who wants her daughter back as she was taken when she was a child by her father.

Marisela isn't buying what Elise is selling at all. Javier Perez (the father) is at the center of the mission, but Marisela soon learns that Javier has done every thing in his power to protect his daughter, Jessica (now 17), from all harm. Is Javier the man Marisela has been led to believe? What is Elise's true motive in getting her daughter back? Can Ian Blake be trusted? Where does Frankie fit into this? Will Marisela trust her instincts? Your answers are in Dirty Little Secrets.

Dirty Little Secrets features:

  • law enforcement
  • sexual content
  • mystery
  • Spanish words
  • humor


Rating: 4 Kisses

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1 comment :

  1. oh so this would be a romance suspens? I like the mystery elements to it too.

    Great review :)


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