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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taken by Fire (ACRO #6) by Sydney Croft




A product of genetic manipulation, Melanie Milan shares a body with her malevolent sister Phoebe. A sleek, blonde predator with a heart of pure darkness, Phoebe puts their body through the wicked underbelly of sex for thrills—when she’s not igniting her pyrokinetic skills for an evil organization bent on taking over the world. Melanie rarely gets out to play—much less fall in love. But that changes when rival ARCO agent Stryker Wills shows up, with a mission to take out the woman who torched his partner.

An operative with rare abilities, Stryker soon realizes that the woman he’s about to kill isn’t the murderous fire starter he’s hunting. But he does want her. Melanie, with the power to ice anything in her path, is heating things up in ways that are setting his blood on fire. As long as Melanie stays in control, she is his best ally to bring down her sister and stop hellish havoc from being unleashed. Walking a tightrope of longing and hate, Stryker and Melanie begin to understand that true power lies in sweet surrender to each other, to the fire between them, to the erotic adventure that’s joined their hearts and abilities to become their salvation—and perhaps the world’s.

My Quickie Review:

The final book in the ACRO series and the end game is near.

Dev´s newfound sisters are twins trapped in the same body, one evil, Phoebe, and one good, Melanie.

In the last book Phoebe attacked and murdered a fellow ACRO agent and now Stryker has the mission to capture and kill her, but he´s curious if she´s a multiple personality or something else. Melanie has been tortured by her sister and father to release the control of their body and is unaccustomed to free will and kindness. Her only chance now to survive, at least for a while, is to aid ACRO in the fight against ITOR.

We get to see the whole of ACRO mobilize for the showdown, Dev & Gabe and Oz, and our other couples are there, too.

The prediction Oz gave Creed, of how Annika would die if she became pregnant is still hanging over their heads. And how would there ever be a Happily Ever After (HEA) for Stryker and Mel if her psychopath sister insists on staying?

Taken by Fire has lots action, suspense, and an ending that has you on the edge of your seat with tears in your eyes. I loved it!

Taken by Fire also features:

  • backdoor play
  • oral
  • m/m

Rating: 5 Kisses


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