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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: First Impressions by Jackie Leigh Allen


Dani has a secret and it's not what Austin thinks when he first greets her at the front door.

First impressions can be wrong or right...or wrong and turn out right.



My Quickie Review:

A quick, sweet read (24 pages) about how Austin and Dani met the first time. She opens the door in her underwear, since the dog she just washed splashed her dress and she was about to change, and Austin is there to rent a room from her mother. She doesn´t let him know what she does for a living and he´s a prosecutor with suits as the only thing he wears.

Will they make things work based on their first impressions, or go their separate ways?

Note: Don’t be misled by this story, it’s not erotica, but romantic. 

Rating: 3 Kisses - a book you can read in public without fear of being flushed with *rawr* feelings Open-mouthed smile



*book was provided to Read Our Lips! via publisher*

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