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Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Ice Blue (Ice #3) by Anne Stuart


Museum curator Summer Hawthorne considered the exquisite ice-blue ceramic bowl given to her by her beloved Japanese nanny a treasure of sentimental value--until somebody tried to kill her for it. The priceless relic is about to ignite a global power struggle that must be stopped at all costs. It's a desperate situation, and international operative Takashi O'Brien has received his directive: everybody is expendable. "Everybody." Especially the woman who is getting dangerously under his skin as the lethal game crosses the Pacific to the remote and beautiful mountains of Japan, where the truth can be as seductive as it is deadly....


My Review:

A terrifying Japanese cult is threatening to launch a world wide killing spree, and the relic they need to complete this is the urn Summer is in possession of. Summer’s mom, a devoted member of The True Realization Fellowship, has promised the leader, Shirosama, the use of the urn - but Summer is not about to give it up without a fight.

To collect the urn, and locate the ancient site is where Shirosama is planning to start his attack, plus take care of the knowledge Summer has, even if it means in a terminal way, is Takeshi´s assignment.

Healed after the torture Harry van Dorn put him through, Takeshi can and will do anything to complete his task, as his boss knows.
Threats, looming torture, old ghosts, and smutty fluff all abound on Anne Stuart’s third installment of her Ice series, Ice Blue.
Oh, and don’t forget the amazing suspense! =)


Rating: 4 Kisses


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