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Monday, December 18, 2017

4 Kiss Review: One Night SEAL by B.B. Hamel


He took me from the mob, and now he’s going to keep me.
Travis Rock is rough, ripped, and so deadly. He’s a bad boy Navy SEAL, and he wants to save me.
When the economy went bad, my father took a loan from the mafia to keep our farm running. Now they want their money back, and it’s up to me to try and get my family out of debt.

But when they want me to do more than just work, I have to try and get away or else end up selling my body to the highest bidder.
That’s how I first met Travis. He took me from the mob and offered me his protection.
It was supposed to last just one night. I’d let him have his way and then we’d be done.
But now the mafia wants us both dead, and he’s playing a dangerous game. I don’t want to be owned by another man, but Travis isn’t letting me get away.
I need him to keep me safe, but he might destroy me in the process. I’m afraid that if I give into his intense body, I’ll be completely lost forever.

My Review:

All Hartley Baker wants to do is help pay her family's debt to The Dixie Mafia. She's working as hard as she can, but it's never enough. Hartley just wants to go home, yet her plans to leave are thwarted by The Dixie Mafia.

Travis Rock is a Navy SEAL on leave. He thought to visit his old stomping grounds for something to do. Travis stops at local bar to have drink and take in all the changes to his Knoxville town. Then Travis spies a blonde beauty who sets his blood racing only to discover she's a damsel in distress.

Travis rescues Hartley much to the dismay of The Dixie Mafia. Travis offers his protection in exchange for whatever business needs taken care of for Hartley.

Hartley can't believe that Travis is willing to help her. She also is fantasizing about Travis like no tomorrow. Can Travis truly help Hartley? What doesn't Travis like about his Knoxville? Will Hartley deny her attraction to Travis? Your answers await you in One Night SEAL.


I'm really enjoying this author's writing style and worlds she’s being built. The characters are real, gritty, compelling, mysterious, raw, honest, and intriguing, too.

Hartley is my favorite kind of female character strong, feisty, brave, and determined.

Travis is all alpha male with military badass thrown in the mix. This author is now on my must read and buy list.

One Night SEAL features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • BDSM
  • angst
  • organized crime
  • military
  • alpha male

Rating: 4 Kisses



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