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Thursday, November 9, 2017

4 Kiss Review: Ripper (Tortured Heroes #5) by Jayne Blue


Agent Kyle Duvall was deep undercover. He did bad things for good reasons. He became the muscle for an evil group of outlaws and showed them he was just as ruthless. Duvall tapped into the darkest recess of his mind to survive but now his cover is blown and he’s assigned a new mission. Agent Kyle Duvall is back to the real world but his soul may be too far gone to save.

Gorgeous, ambitious, and head strong, Sam Bosque isn’t anyone’s damsel in distress. She’s career minded and not going to fall into any man’s arms. Sam ignores the things moving in the shadows. She brushes off the sounds in the hall when she works late, alone. She knows nothing about the string of women who are missing. She’s too busy to be skittish. Until blood, danger, and death become impossible to ignore. The FBI insists Sam needs protection. The mace in her purse won’t cut it anymore.
Her protection is a man whose demons are raging and real, Special Agent Kyle Duvall.
Duvall’s mission now is Sam. Her life force sparks hope in this hard-bitten agent. His quiet intensity sets her body on fire. But Sam's fire has attracted a beast who'd do anything to snuff it out. Forever.
A Ripper is on the loose. Agent Kyle Duvall's dark side is about to do battle again. This time he's not fighting an outlaw, he's fighting a monster. And he's doing it for love.

My Review:

Agent Kyle Duvall was working deep undercover until his cover was blown. Kyle is steeped in darkness and unsure if he'll make it out to the other side into the light. Kyle gets himself assigned to a babysitting detail of one Sam Bosque.

Sam Bosque just chalked up the odd things that happened to her as nothing to worry about until she finds something disturbing. Sam's call to the police leads to the FBI and Agent Kyle Duvall.

The FBI has a serial killer on the loose who's targeting women who look like Sam. The newspapers dubbed the killer "Ripper". Will Kyle let the darkness take control? Can Sam protect herself? Who is "The Ripper"? Your answers await you in Ripper.


The Tortured Heroes Series is one of my favorites at the moment. The characters and story are raw, gritty, rich, bold, complex, compelling, real, and wholly unique. I look forward to more from this series in the future.

Ripper features:

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • motorcycle club
  • law enforcement
  • suspense
  • alpha male
  • mystery

Rating: 4 Kisses


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